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How do I get ARCs?

The burning question that everyone asks
 “How do I get ARCs?”

Well, first and foremost you must have a blog of course. That’s the number one thing. Second you must keep it up to date.  Meaning, post regularly and good content as in reviews, author interviews and so on.
Don’t go into book blogging expecting to receive ARCs right away. Make sure that your content is 75% of reviews, author interviews and so on and 25% other things like memes.  Just remember Quality over quantity.
Blogging takes time and dedication. Having a blog is hard work and should be something you love and take pride in. 
Here are some ideas on how to get ARCs before requesting them and help grow your blog in the mean time! Just remember
There are lots of other ways to acquire ARCs other than requesting them from the publisher. 
I put this list together for reference, so it will most like be updated throughout the months.
So let’s get started…
Goodreads as most of you know this is a book community where you can post your reviews and interact with other book lovers. You can win the most anticipating books under First Reads tab.

The Reading Room Is an amazing book community as well. Where you can share your love for books and meet other book lovers like yourself.  As well as request ARCs under the Free books tab. Again I can’t stress this enough. Fill your profile out and import your reviews for a better change at getting approved.

Library Thing – Your best bet to win ARCs from LT is to enter all the books you have read previously along with their reviews. There isn’t a positive way to win but this will help you get a better change.

Shelf Awareness – Is a daily newsletter where publishers often offer ARCs in ads. They also have pretty amazing giveaways which included either Totes, Posters or Signed books. Just sign up for the Pro edition newsletter and look for ads which say “Click here to win an ARC”

Book Look Bloggers is a program where you get a book in exchange for a 200 word review on your blog and a consumer retail site. You must have an actively maintained personal, public blog with a minimum of 30 followers or subscribers. If so join up

NetGalley – is a platform where you can request eARCs from many publishing houses. Make sure to fill out your profile with the appropriate information. Follow each publishing house requests. Make sure you keep your ration at 80% and above or you’re likely to be declined to review the book you requested.

Edelweiss – is another also an eARC platform. It follows the same basic rules/ requests as NetGalley. If you have written previous book reviews I suggest you transfer them to Edelweiss. This will show that you are active in the book community and will get you a better chance at being approved. 

I haven’t seen many of these but I’ve seen a few where bloggers pass along upcoming books to review before publication. You don’t get to keep the book, but must read it and pass it along within a certain time frame (usually a week) to the next reader on the list. Just don’t forget that you will have to pay to mail it. 

If you have a blog you can join a blog tour.  Which will be your best bet at getting ARCs. Bloggers will usually get an ARC and agree to review on a specific day. I’ve been a part of several of these they could be pretty fun. Here are some awesome Blog tour hosts:

BloggersThe best way to get free ARCs/books is by entering giveaways/ Contest. Check your favorite blogger; they usually have their giveaways on the side bar of their blog.

YA Books Central – has great book contests from publishers for YA books. Winners will be announced in their monthly newsletter so sign up!

Free Book Friday for Teens – offer new book contests every Friday. So check them out every week.
and last, publishers! Yes that’s right. There are other ways to receive books from them other than requesting. 

St. Martin’s Reading Group Gold – offers a program where you can get Early Access books on a first-come, first-served basis so check back often for their latest books.

Penguin Group – runs a program called First to Read  this program is pretty neat. At the beginning of every month, First to Read sends out an email. Where you’ll get a chance at picking an ARC that is being sponsored. The more you interact with the website that more points you collect and the more changes you have at being picked to review that book.

and that is the end.
I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions or any other information that I should know/add. Please let comment!

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