BNA Review Exchange Program

Welcome to the BNA Review Exchange!!
Want free books? Love to review? 
if so please feel free to fill out the form below.

I came across this post from Of Spectacles and Books.  About reviewing some of her books in exchange for an honest review and I thought what an awesome idea! But the best part about it was that you

That’s amazing! I mean you get free books and all you have to do is review. That’s a pretty awesome thing don’t you think?

I have a lot of TBR books myself, that are just sitting on my shelves collecting dust. I feel extremely sad that I won’t be able to get to some of them.  So, I’m going to take on this idea but with a different twist. So I present to you the 
BNA Review Exchange
I’m going to run this review exchange program once a month if possible. To be considered for this program you must obey by the following rules.

You must have a blog of your own, at least 3 months old with active posting.
I must know you on twitter.
Select one book at a time and review it within a timely manner(2 Weeks)
Your review must be professional (as in don’t disrespect the book or author. You can dislike but no bashing of any kind please)
Your review must be at least 400 words long.
You can use GIF as well. and even youtube video review is acceptable.
US only for now. If all goes well, I may expand it international 

Not that many rules, right? I just ask that you respect this idea and follow through and maybe become a regular. I will include your short bio at the bottom of your review with a direct link to your blog.
If interest, please fill out the questions below and email to BookNerdAddicts@gmail.com 
With title “BNA Review Exchange” 

Blog Name:
Blogging since:
Blog URL:
Twitter Handler:
Goodreads Profile:
Short Bio:
Icon (Picture) to go with short Bio:
Do you accept Ebooks? 
Books you would like to review?
Most wanted book to review thats been published?

Books from passed month!February Picks

Review for Black Ice by Becca FitzPatrick by  Sheridan @ I Turn the Pages

If you comply with the above requests. You will be considered for Auto-Approved Titles (Where you get first picks from the list)
Please don’t take advantage of my good deed. If you fail to review/ ignore my emails/keep book and not explain why!!  I will blacklist you and blast you on social media! I would appreciate an honest email if you cannot for any reason review the book. (I save all emails and screen cap everything.)So be wise!
If you don’t like the book, you don’t have to review it. I only ask you to return it back. (bc there are other people that would love to read it)
If you are 18 and younger please have your parents’ permission. I promise not to share, trade, or sell any personal information you give me. By filling this form out you are agreeing to my terms and if for any reason you do not comply. I will be force to take action. This program is for booklover to enjoy books and gush over their beloved characters. Not for selfish people that want to take from good hearted people. Who are just sharing their love for books.

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