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Review: The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark

I was super excited to read The Boy Next Door. It sounded like a really cute story I mean, who wouldn’t want to read about a couple. In high school, who are ice-skating partners, neighbors, and best friends??? I was all in.
 photo tumblr_lwvpedOZqC1qii6tmo1_500_zpsin7ohc5v.gif
But to my surprise, it just didn’t work out for me. There was just too much teenage drama than I was expecting. Drama and secrets, holy crap lol. I’m usually ok with it but Maddy and Gabe just pushed it.
 photo giphy 6_zps47cxbf8y.gif
Gabe, you made a lot of mistakes as far as I read. You definitely lacked the respect you should have had for Maddy and your actions towards her were just too much.
 photo 9271801_zpsw8lgajto.gif
Maddy, Maddy, Maddy. You were pretty cool at the beginning. But after a while you started to get under my skin.
   photo giphy-31_zpsuxrl9alm.gif
I was really looking forward to this book. I hate that I lost the feeling for the characters. Boo… the only part that I really loved was the skating-world. It reminded me of when I use to skate and of course the movie “The cutting Edge”. It was an awesome movie; definitely check it out if you haven’t.
   photo tumblr_n1o421rxSs1s24qdco1_500_zpsc7mgcrl4.gif

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