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Review: Goodnight Sleepy Babies

By: Janet Bingham

Release date:   Feb 12, 2015

Published by: Scholastic Press
Series: Standalone
Genre: Children, Picture Book

Format: Paperback, Ebook

Purchase: Here

What an adorable gentle rhyming bedtime story “Goodnight Sleepy Babies” is. This cute little story is easy to follow with your little ones and easy to join in and read along.

“Goodnight tiger cubs. Shh –don’t make a peep. It’s time to snuggle down and wait for sleep.”

This story is about a little rabbit that is going to bed. But before he does he must say goodnight to all the other little babies. You get to meet elephants, sea otters, tigers, penguins and many other animals. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful.

“Goodnight tiny songbirds, it’s time to rest, tucked up together in your treetop nest.”

I recommend this amazing bedtime story to everyone. I see myself repeatedly read this story to all the little ones I know.

“Come, sleepy baby. My own little one, snug in our burrow-bed now the day’s done. The stars are bright and the moon’s shining too, and we say to each other, “Goodnight, I Love You.”

 This Book was provided to me in exchange for a honest review.

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