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Review: Fabulous Pie

By: Gareth Edwards

Release date:   March 5, 2015

Published by: Scholastic
Series: Standalone
Genre: Children,Picture Book

Format: Paperback, Ebook

Purchase: HERE

“Deep in the forestWhere the trees meet the sky, a VERY bad bear baked a VERY big pie.”

This cute story is a about a very bad bear that bakes a very big pie and needs help filling the pie.
His first help is the Mouse which he fetched delicious berries to fill the fabulous pie. But still the bear needs more and so searches for more help and found the squirrel. 
The squirrel tiptoe on twigs to fetched a bunch of hazelnuts, delicious, brown and big. And so they went into the big fabulous pie.
But the bear gave a cautious smell. He said he thought the mixture wasn’t working very well and so he called for more help.
So the badger and otters appeared to help fill the fabulous pie with honey and salmon but to everyone’s surprise the bear still thought the recipe looked rather thin.

“You are being very rude! Berries, honey, nuts and salmon! Those are all our favorite food!”

And so the bear turned to the animals and gave them a funny stare and said “I know a filling that is better for a bear!”
What a very bad bear he was. The pie went from fabulous to terrible and shoved all of them into the pie. The animals refuse to go down without a fight! They push their little feet through the bottom of the pie and run for their lives.
The bear, runs after the terrible pie and slips and falls into the river, and the gentle creatures have the last laugh.

“Fabulous Pie! Fabulous Pie! How KIND of you to bake us such a Fabulous Pie!”

 The illustrations in this book is beautiful. I loved all the colors and characters, the story simply comes to life. My godson was in love with the whole story and still asks me to read it to him every time I see him.

It’s an adorable story and I recommend this to all the children that love Fabulous pies 🙂

 This Book was provided to me in exchange for a honest review.

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