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Ways of Standing Out in this bookish community!

Hi everyone!

Are you thinking of starting a blog? Or you feel like you  aren’t unique enough. Maybe you want to stand out, or just want to be remembered in this amazing blogosphere! 
You’re not alone. Many of us have been there and I’m here to help you.
I came up with a few tips that has helped me.

 Some of these tips have worked for me and hopefully will work for you as well.
So let’s get started

Number 1
This is probably the most important one to follow for me.
Be nice to one another. No one wants a negative Nancy or a bully! I’m always grateful to all my followers and readers. What I do, I do it for them.
It won’t matter if you have 10 or 10,000 readers. If no ones reading your blog!
So be nice and help each other out!
Number 2

Image (1)

Picking your handler name (screen name)
Keep it simple and the same or similar to the original.
For example, my Twitter handler is @booknerdaddict and so is my Instagram.
As you can see from the image (1) and (2)

Image (2)

Try to keep them the same, so your readers can find you easier. 

Number 3
Now your URL. Again, try to keep everything the same if possible.  It’s easier to remember.
My Pinterest , Instagram and Tumblr all have BookNerdAddict

Number 4
Now, let’s talk about your icons. This is how everyone will know you and recognize you. People are usually more visual and will remember you from your picture than your handler name. And for that reason all my social media that I have, have the same picture. 

 Image (1)

As you can see from the images above all icons are the same.

People will constant see you in all social media’s and recognize you wherever you go.

You can see that in all my social media platforms my icon is the same.
Blogger |Twitter |Facebook |Instagram | Pinterest |Tumblr| Bloglovin | Disqus |Gravatar

 Image (2)

So whenever I comment, like, and share, you will see my icon repeatedly.

 Image (3)

You are basically self promoting and people will remember you.

Number 5 
Moving on to profiles. 
I see a lot of this happening. Where bloggers forget to fill out the most important part of their profile. Links to your social media platforms.
I’m a busy person and so are other people. So when I come across a comment on one of my posts and want to follow that blogger/reader, I can’t, why? Because they didn’t link their profile to their social media profile. It’s a bit of a disappointment, I don’t have time to email you and ask. I just want to click and follow.
So fill out your profiles updated with all your information.
And don’t forget to update your comment profiles!
Disqus |Gravatar

For example.
Amber Skye left a comment on my WOW post. 

 Image (1)

 I want to comment back and visit her blog. All you have to do is click her name. Her information will appear with her link. just like below.

 Image (2)

And there you have it. Straight to her blog.
You wouldn’t believe how many people skip this valuable part of information.

Number 6
Another valuable piece of information is ‘Be Consistent with your posts and comments”. Nothing kills your blog’s success more than posting and commenting very rarely. 

You’ve got to be consistent. Since most blogs out there are not consistent, you can stand out doing this tip.

Take part of the Bloggers Commenting Back program.
It’s basically, a group of people who make it a common routine to reply to comments on their own blog and go the extra mile to visit that commenters blog and comment on one of their posts in return. It is a way to get more comments, meet new people, and actually have bookish conversations, which was the reason a lot of us started blogging in the first place! This is one of the reasons why your profiles should be up to today!

Number 7
Controversy is a pattern interrupt in its own right. So, if the majority says “left”, try saying “right”. If they say “up”, try showing why “down” is better. You don’t have to always agree with everything everyone has to say be yourself and also add personality. Some niches are filled with people who are, well, boring and blog for the wrong reasons.

 How can you add personality to an otherwise unexciting subject? Add humor, add Gif, be creative.

Number 8 
Have a unique design. This does not mean, get the most expensive theme. What I mean is keep it clean and uniformed (same text, color ect.) Having a unique design for your blog which backs up your personal brand is important. That personal brand (when executed correctly) is what makes you stand out in any market, but your blog’s design has to back it up. People need to arrive on your blog and know what you’re about in a few seconds.
There are a tons of free themes and tutorials out there. 

P.s. My blog is completely free!
Google is your friend.

Number 9 
 Start that mailing list. If you have no email list, or are running a feed-only list, like the Feedburner offers, you’re really dropping the ball. And here’s the deal… most of the bloggers out there are not collecting email addresses. That’s their mistake, but you don’t have to join them. In fact, by building a list, you have a resource you can leverage in post launches and even just to drive traffic to your own blog. Major way to stand out, because you’re building community outside of just your blog. 

Number 10

 And last but definitely not least. Check out my post about 

How to get ARCs

It’s pretty informative. With lots of tips and trips.

Do you have Questions? S
ome other post ideas? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and I’ll respond as soon as possible.
Have a lovely day!

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