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My Favorite Contemporary Books Ever

This book it´s so amazing, I have read it like 7 times and I will read again and again. 
“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.”

This book was so funny, swoony and romantic.

“I was just hoping that you’d realize that guys like me, go with girls like you.” 

This book is one of the most beautiful love stories ever, I couldn´t stop reading it and I didn´t want the story to end. It was so real and romantic.

“We’re all Elizabeths when we need to be.” 

This book is a must read!!! I loved their friendship and how much they cared for each other; I laughed and cried with this book, but i’ll read it again and again.

“You two are the most in-love not-dating people I’ve met.” 

Just like Romeo and Juliet!!!

“I let the curtains fall back against the glass, effectively blocking the view of my nemesis standing there beneath the twinkle lights, looking way too hot in his charcoal-colored suit.
It would be so much easier to hate him if he didn’t look so good. And I want to hate him; I really do.” 

There´s a reason why I love all these books, I love them because the stories are not exaggerated , they could be real and that´s why I like them, I know there are lots of amazing books out there and I would really like to read them someday; so what do you guys think? have you read this books? did you like them? do you have any suggestions of more amazing books? Please tell me 🙂

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