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Review: Tonight The Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales

Title: Tonight The Streets Are Ours

Author: Leila Sales

Release Date: September 15th, 2015

Published By: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

Genre: Contemporary, YA

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Recklessly loyal.
That’s how seventeen-year-old Arden Huntley has always thought of herself. Caring for her loved ones is what gives Arden purpose in her life and makes her feel like she matters. But lately she’s grown resentful of everyone—including her needy best friend and her absent mom—taking her loyalty for granted.
Then Arden stumbles upon a website called Tonight the Streets Are Ours, the musings of a young New York City writer named Peter, who gives voice to feelings that Arden has never known how to express. He seems to get her in a way that no one else does, and he hasn’t even met her.
Until Arden sets out on a road trip to find him.
During one crazy night out in New York City filled with parties, dancing, and music—the type of night when anything can happen, and nearly everything does—Arden discovers that Peter isn’t exactly who she thought he was. And maybe she isn’t exactly who she thought she was, either.

My Thoughts.

There are ways to start a review, and I know that sometimes I always start the same way, but I’m being honest, and Tonight The Streets Are Ours, was a beautiful and perfect story.
Why beautiful? Why perfect? you may be thinking, it was beautiful in many ways, but first I will talk about the cover; The cover it’s so amazing, I loved the colors so much (especially the purple because I love purple!!), it looks romantic in my opinion, lovely and perfect, plus I love the fact that we can’t see the face of the girl and boy, because that way we can imagine them the way we want to, and THAT’S something that I usually like about covers, that they let our imagination to explore.
Ok, now, why do I think the story was beautiful?, well because the message that transmits it’s true, it was real. The MC Arden, she’s the kind of friend, that would never leave you behind, the kind of friend who will leave everything behind and the one who will sacrifice things to help the ones she love and care. Basically, she’s one of the best friends ever, but after sometime, Arden just realize that what she did wasn’t reciprocated, sometimes her loved ones just took her for granted, like in this case her best friend Lindsey and her boyfriend Chris. Her best friend Lindsey always got into trouble, but no matter what, Arden would be there to help her, and her boyfriend? Well I really don’t know what to think about him, I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s the kind of guy who wants to fulfill his dreams, he’s handsome and he’s a good guy, but once you read the book you will get to know what I mean don’t worry.
Then there’s the time when Arden starts to read, Tonight The Streets Are ours, I was so happy for her, because she started to feel a connection with Peter, the guy who writes Tonight The Streets Are Ours. What I liked about this was that you could read the posts and this make you feel like you wanted to meet Peter too. But there are times in which everything we see, isn’t the way it is.
 Why Perfect? it was perfect since the dedication, the whole book was perfect, you learn about real stuff like friendship, loneliness and also love of course, that’s why I love to read books like this one, I love love stories, and I really liked this one.
 Dear bloggers and readers, if you are reading this I recommend you to read this amazing book by Leila Sales, you will be surprised, this book is a kind of story that you won´t want to miss.

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