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Review: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Ok, so like everyone else on this planet. I was dying to read this book. So once I was accept on tour. I was a goner and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this puppy. The day finally came and let’s just say everything went on the back burner ha-ha.
Well, I read it and I’m literally standing here with my mouth open like a damn fish. This book…. was just…. I can’t…. Yup….. TRUTHWITCH WAS UNBELIEVABLY,ASTONISHING AND BREATHTAKING!!!
I’m lost for words! Every time I try to write a proper review, words fail me (every time). I just hope you can understand my gibberish and girl fanning throughout this review.
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard was unbelievable, astonishing and breathtaking!
This story line starts out immediately and I LOVED THAT. You are flung into action and I was totally captivated. After the initial begin it slowed down a bit and I entirely understand, why this had to be done. Even though I didn’t understood it at the time, I do now.
The world building mixed with in-between action was considerable more interesting to me then leading up to the big scene in the end of a book. It made me that much more engaged and interested in the world, characters and let’s not forget the MAGIC, omg the magic! Everything was amazingly and remarkably well done.
Safi, Iseult, Aeduan and Merik are our main characters in Truthwitch and they we’re outstanding, phenomenal and marvelous!!!
I’ve honestly haven’t rooted for characters like this in such a LONG time. I rooted for Safi and Iseult friendship. I rooted for Merik and Kullen’s bromance!!! And how can I forget the love interest in this story. Swoon from hate to love? Maybe? I so wholeheartedly hope so.

Safi was definitely a different character for me. Safi was annoying, stubborn and didn’t think before she acted “on anything”. Usually I dislike immature and annoying characters. But Safi was different, yesSafi had her faults but with her faults also came great character. She would do anything for her Threadsister and that in itself was astonishing and beautiful. I loved their friendship immensely and rooted for them every step of the way. In the end Safi realizes her mistakes and takes responsibility for them. She grows up before my eyes and her actions are justified. Safi became my perfect kickass HEA.

Iseult was my favorite from the start. She is captivating, beautiful and smart. She always knew how to put Safi in place and encourage her in the right direction. Her love for her Threadsister Safi was beautiful and she would go any length to protect her. Iseult had a bit of self-doubt and felt like she didn’t belong at times or wasn’t as powerful as everyone things. But to me she’s the opposite, Iseult is strong and amazing and I see great things happening with her.

Merik, what can I say.Merik is undeniably a stubborn kickass swoon worthy character. LOVE Merik a great deal, his magical powers are cool. He is also an incredible friend to his Threadbrother who he loves immensely!!! Merik will do anything to feed his people and provide for them. Certain people around Merik wish him to fail but Merik refuses to succumb to any of that. He’s willpower is to strong and He won’t have it and will do anything to succeed!

Last but definitely not least Aeduan!
He is definitely the most INTERESTING character. 30% into the book and I need to know what his deal was. Aeduan was captivating, dark and mysterious!!! He’s magic, is kickass. The man can heal himself!!! WHAT!!!If that’s not interesting. I don’t know what will do for you. I was begging my friend (cough…Nori!!!…) to let me in on the details about him. But she give me no hints (I still love Nori). Aeduan is super mysterious and I must find out what he’s all about. I see a very dark and twisted past and I’m super EXCITED to know what it is! What can I say, I love broken mysterious characters.

In the end these character where out of this world and I can’t wait to read the second book. They are all passionately fighting for something and they will all stop at nothing to succeed.

Susan Dennard is an extraordinary and remarkable author. She is capable of transport you to another world and submerged you with unique settings. Truthwitch is unbelievably beautiful and breathtaking. I could of never picture such a world. I was utterly fascinated by the world building and character development. I loved all 4 POVs and how it went back and forth between each character. I was not lost or confused. Each POV had its own voice and very easy to understand. This story was plot-driven and focus on character development beautifully. I was surprised at the plot and never found it predictable. The end was left on a cliffhanger however it is nothing dramatic but is doable. You get some question answered but others un-covered. Leaving you wanting more.

I haven’t had the pleasure of reading Susan Dennard other series but this book has definitely inspired me to read them or any other work that Mrs. Dennard writes.
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard is a 5 starand will definitely be going on my favorites list. I’m very eager for the next book!!! I may be sitting in the corner rocking back and forth waiting for it!!!

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