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(Blog Tour) Review and Giveaway: The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman



First let me start by saying how grateful I am for having this amazing opportunity for being part of Penguin’s Tour for such an outstanding novel.
I was so delighted when Rachel approached me with this great opportunity.

Yes! Yes you have The Dark Days Club

The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman was Breathtaking and Fabulous!!! From the very beginning of this novel I was intrigued. I was immediately engaged and consume by the world building and fascinating descriptions of characters built into such an amazing world.

I was submerged into this story. I felt like I was in 1800’s myself. I felt like I was at the Balls and taking a simple walk in the park. Goodness gracious, every fiber of my being felt like it was there. I cannot tell when the last time I felt such connection to a story before * sigh*.

The characters were just beyond fantastic. Lady Helen was the main character and by far the best heroin I have read in a long time. She was headstrong and smart and had wits about her that I just adored. She and her brother Andrew lost both their parents and have been raised by her aunt and uncle. Her aunt is all about how she is represented to society and wants what is best for Lady Helen in her own way she thinks is right. But her uncle, what a cruel and ruthless man. *ugh* Every time he came into the picture I left nerves for Lady Helen. I praised her for her good will and amazing determination she had.

Lady Helen has a lot to deal with beside parties and marriages proposals with one of them being that most of England believes her mother died a traitor to the throne. Another is that she is a Reclaimer and her duty is to keep evil from causing widespread destruction and in the middle of all of this is the dark captivating Lord Charlston that everyone in London keeps away from. As you can see she has a lot to deal with. In this time period she must obi by the rules of society and deal with everything else.

The ending was very satisfying and the only reason I give it a 4 and not a 5 start is because it was a very long and slow burning story. I totally understand why this had to be done. You can see that a lot of research went into this story and the detail in all the characters and world shows. If you like the 1800’s give it a shot. This book is not to be missed and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to have read it. I have not read anything before by this author but I’m sure going to change that very soon as this book has inspired me to read her other books.
This novel has changed me and broadened my perspective on history of 1800’s. I have learned something new and been exposed to a different era and certain part of the world that I will certainly be reading more about in the future.
Thank you again Penguin for this great opportunity.



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2 thoughts on “(Blog Tour) Review and Giveaway: The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

  1. I’m so much more excited to read this one now that I’ve read your review! I think I might just move it up to my next read now. I love stories in the 1800s, plus demon hunting and strong female leads? I’m so excited now! Great review!


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