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{Blog Tour} Review and Giveaway: The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye


My experience with this book was luxurious, captivating and magical! I didn’t want this world to end. I was captivated by the world built. The amazing characters and their magical powers. Boy, oh boy, oh boy. I was beyond pleased and delighted the whole time. To me, The Crown’s Game was immediately engaging because I love Historical Fiction and Fantasy! I mean how could I NOT. It’s two of my favorite genres. Once I read the blurb I was lost and couldn’t stop thinking about it.
While reading The Crown’s Game I felt delighted, entertained, heartbroken and even a bit shocked by some plot events that had happened. This book will definitely take you for an emotional rollercoaster ride that’s for sure.

You will fall in love with everyone in this story. You will find a best friend which you will constantly root for. Two dapper good-looking boys, which you most likely will fall for and have a crush on. An adorable elderly woman that could portray as your loving granny. That has the meanness skill in baking goods. And last but not least, you will find a parent figure which will encourage you to be the best you can be and love you to no end no matter what.

But as in the real world or in fiction you also have the not so likable characters. Some learned something about themselves and each other and changed. Others not so much. They were just wrong and went about their decisions wrong and disapprovingly. Others treated people just like Cruella Deville lol. At least that’s what came to mind for me.
In the end, The Crown’s Games plot was engaging and the storyline interested me immensely.

The Crown’s Game was plot-driven with a focus on character development and at times a fast-paced plot, particularly towards the end. Which I devour completely. I did figure out a part of the plot but I was still pleased with the story. However, I was altogether sidetracked by the surprise ending and was completely satisfied and wouldn’t change it for one bit.

This is Evelyn Skye debut novel and I must say that it was an outstanding and beautifully written story. It was vividly built and it drew me into its 19-century Russian setting world, where I longing to be in right this minute. This mesmerizing story of history, fantasy, and magic is definitely one of my favorite reads this year. I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel to this amazing series.

Favorite Quotes from The Crown’s Game

The game is a display of skill and a demonstration of strategy and mettle. The goal is to show me your worthiness to become my Imperial Enchanter- my adviser for all things from war to peace and everything in between -Tsar


There’s no escaping death. Either I’ll be defeated and therefore die, or I’ll triumph but live with guilt of sentencing the girl to her end. There is no such thing as a winner in the game. – Nikolai


No, I’m not alright. I’m not sure I’ll ever be. But I’ll do what I have to. It’s what I’ve always done. – Nikolai


Death littered Nevsky Prospect, stone and feathered bodies, demolished. – Nikolai


If I stay inside, I’ll die, and I’ll never see father again, never become Imperial Enchanter, never have a change to become who I was meant to be. – Vika


I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you if this is the end. – Nikolai


For even she knew there was only so much one could do to protect a winter moth drawn to an icy flame. – Vika


Nikola was more striking than she remembered, and the darkness in his eyes was more dangerous than she recalled. He was a poisonous autumn crocus: deadly beautiful with no antidote. – Vika


I don’t regret loving you, Nikolai. It’s always been in my leaves, and I wouldn’t trade it for another cup. – Renata


I hope you enjoyed this review and please don’t forget to follow the tour for The Crown’s Game and enter the giveaway below. Happy reading xoxo

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