A letter to you, my readers and my friends

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to you today.

Over the weekend I had a major panic attack. One that I have never experienced before.

I’m going to tell you this story not because I want you to feel bad for me but to understand my side of the story and to understand that Anxiety and depression is not a joke. It will most likely be a messy letter, full of missed used words and missed spelled ones. But there are only so many things my brain can control at this point in time, and I’m sorry in advance.

I am also not writing this letter to be excused from the issue at hand. I’m also not writing this letter to put blame on anyone for how this went about how it ended up. I just want you and people to understand that what you do or say can affect people in many different ways. Words hurt people and sometimes so much more.

It was Saturday morning

when I first opened my twitter and found one of many DM’s accusing me of stealing your designs. My first reaction was to reach for my chest. My heart palpitations were so strong that I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I couldn’t concentrate, my heart started racing, and I started to have difficulty breathing.

I didn’t want to believe what I was reading. My mind was going insane with all this information. The subtweeting, the accusations, tinting my name for something that I didn’t intentionally do. It went on and on and my tears started running down my face uncontrollably and I start to hyperventilate uncontrollably.

I was in such a hysterical mess that I couldn’t explain to my husband what was going on. I couldn’t explain to him what I was reading and how it was affecting me in my head. All I could do was ride the crazy wave of my panic. Which wouldn’t shut down. My mind, took over my brain and wouldn’t stop. I literary had a sense of terror, I was extremely anxious and fearful, sweating, hyperventilate, you name it. That’s how it felt to me for at least 15 minutes of my attack. Which in my head, felt more like hours instead.

I couldn’t believe I was being accused by people and you on twitter. That I was “VERY” inspired by your designs. In no way, was I trying to take no one’s designs. I was beyond surprised that this was happening to me. I couldn’t believe that you, a well know person with a great followship would not come to me as an adult and talk to me. But instead talk in subtweeting on twitter and talk to your friends and have people attack me on my email and DM’s? Intently or not, I would have expect more from you. Instead I’m being attacked by people which caused me to have a panic attack.

I’m a nice person, I would never hurt anyone intently. Ask anyone that knows me. If you would just come to me, I would have gladly explained to you. I would have tried to solve this issue with you. Since I was not giving the courtesy to explain it to you, I will explain it on here to you and everyone. Since this issue caused my friends, followers and readers to look at me like I intently stole from you. As much as this letter is going to cause me pain again by re-living this ordeal, I don’t have any other choice or anything to hide and so I will explain.

As some of you know, I decided to join Society6 and do bookish designs. Because I love books, books have helped me through so many issues in my life and they are very special to me. I’ve seen so many designs all over Pinterest, twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I was “Inspired” yes but by a lot of different people. Not just one. I went in search of patterns and clipart to start my designs. That’s when I came across a website called thehungryjpeg.com. This is a place where you get all sorts of clipart, fonts and patterns. With a complete License, covering a wide range of commercial use for every product included. I loved their bundles, you are free to do whatever with the designs. It’s a great way to get tons of art at one price with a licenses. Which is very important if you want to sell. What more can I ask for, right? So I bought a bundle, I was super excited and started to look at all the patterns and clip art.

To my surprise. You also bought the same bundle. I recognized almost all of the patterns that you used on your designs. I was extremely upset, not at you, no, but at myself because I just spent money. It’s an honest mistake, I can’t blame you or myself. So out of courtesy, I did not use any of the patterns you did. I was very careful not to use any but the bundle was very similar to all your things. I didn’t use the same quotes or the same patterns you did. I wasn’t trying to do any of that. I was simply trying to at least get some of my money back. I couldn’t return the bundle and get my money back.

I tried to use whatever I could, so I could at least get some back. But it seems like it was similar and it wasn’t good enough and people saw it as me copying your designs and you agreed.

If for any reason you felt like I did steal it or you felt like they were VERY similar, why didn’t you contact me personally? Instead, you did something that can cause someone like me to have a panic attack. I’m not blaming you for the attack. I just want you to know that next time to please contact the person first and not say the things that you did. I say this because there are a lot of “other” people out there that have the similar designs as me and you. I won’t say here who those people are out of courtesy because I don’t want them to get attacked like I am by you and your friends.

I’m not trying to take your customers. You are an amazing designer, I can’t compete with you and won’t. I tell people to buy your designs. I even bought them myself. I even supported you with the whole situation you had when people thought that you were trying to cash in on Alan Rickman death. In no way was I trying to cause any trouble. I’m sorry you thought I was. I just thought that I could do it myself. Just like everyone else. The world is big enough for everyone to co-exist together.

Still, on this Thursday, I sit here writing to you. My chest is still hammering hard against my chest. My breathing is shallow and my hands are shaking uncontrollably. I’ve been trying to write to you for 5 days. But it’s been taking me forever. My tears still blur the screen and my thoughts are still all over the place. I keep thinking this is all a big mistake and that it’s all going to blow up in my face even more. But my mind won’t shut down and it keeps running, thinking of what if’s.

What if people hate me?

What if my friends think I did this on purpose?

What if you think I did this on purpose?

What if everyone attacks me?

What if you attack me?

What if everyone hates me?

What if you hate me?

What if they won’t talk to me anymore?

What if everyone hates me?

What if they believe the drama?

What if you spread more drama?

What if they hate me?

What if you hate me?

What if they are talking about me?

What if they are looking at me?

What if they are judging everything I do or say?

What if they hate me?

What if you hate me?

That’s my brain on anxiety every minute of the day, since Saturday morning.

My thoughts have moved on to even a higher level of intensity since then. To wondering what if it happens to someone else? What if the person you were/are talking about, isn’t as strong as me? What if the person doesn’t have the same support system like I do? What if that person doesn’t have anyone to talk to? Or what if that person isn’t on medicine or has a doctor? My mind just keeps going, non-stop with my obsessive anxiety thoughts.

I want you to know that causing drama, talking about people behind their backs, making fun of them. (Intently or not) can cause more damage than you know. Words do more harm than you think. So many people have different types and degrees of anxiety/depression. Some people can’t handle a simple threat, insult, accusations, abuse, or even shame. I want you to know, I was bullied in school. Since I was a little girl by teachers, students and many others. I went through a lot of other things at a young age. But, there was no way for you or anyone else to know that I’ve gone through such things. There is no way for you or anyone else to know that about anyone.

I haven’t been on twitter since Saturday. As a matter of fact I deleted my app from my phone. Every time I opened my phone I saw it and my anxiety would spike. I haven’t fully recovered from this and it’s going to be a while before I do. Every day since Saturday. I been dealing with the symptoms that I have mentioned and more. I can’t sleep at night. Not even when I take my sleeping pills. It still wakes me in the middle of the night, grabbing at my neck, squeezing at my throat. It’s pretty scary not knowing how to shut it down. All I want to do is scream, until my lungs can’t take it anymore. Maybe then I will feel better.

What I’m saying is this. Everyone will react differently and every situation is different. I just want everyone to know that if you have issues with anyone. Be it copying someone’s review, discussion post, art, whatever it is. Contact that person first, in private. Instead of talking behind that person’s back or subtweeting or even in private DMs. Be an adult and talk to them first. I’m not saying to forgive them or be ok with it. Just talk to them first in private. You don’t want your words to harm someone.


A letter to my friends and readers

It is with a heavy heart that had to write this letter. In no way was I trying to embarrass you. I know how drama on twitter can divide people.  I totally understand if you don’t want to associate with me after this issue. I will be heartbroken to lose your friendship.  Just know that in no way, was I trying to steal anyone’s ideas. I hope you can understand and forgive me.


A letter to you

I wish you would have contacted me and solved this issue like an adult and in private with me. Because that didn’t happen. I had to clear the air here. Not to cause drama or problems. But because it’s what I have to do for my mental health and for other people with Anxiety/depression. But most important for people that don’t understand. That the world we live in today is different and to hopefully teach someone that anxiety/depression is not a joke.

You are someone a lot of young people look up to and I just hope you can be different next time. Whatever you say, people will take that and run with it. Just know that I was strong (believe it or not) and nothing bad came of this situation. But if this had happen to someone else that was younger or not treated for their anxiety/depression. I don’t know what it could have happened. Just please be more careful in the future. You may not think so, but you are popular on twitter and you have followers that follow every word you say.


A letter to my haters

Please stop bullying me. I hope you understand that what you wrote to me was inappropriate and you can hurt people with your words. You need to really look at yourself and think about what kind of person you want to become. Because the one you are now is truly sad. You can post rude comments all you want. They won’t be approved and you will be blocked.


I’ve spoken to my closest family, friends and even my doctor. They all assure me that writing this letter is the right thing for me to do. For my mental health, for my well being and for future issues on twitter or anywhere else in the world. I owe it to myself and the next person, so this won’t happen to someone else. I’m not ashamed of my anxiety and depression and I won’t have anyone disrespect me or bully me on social media. This will also be my first and final words about this situation. It has caused me a great deal of stress, which will take me sometime to recover and I won’t deal with it anymore after this.

26 thoughts on “A letter to you, my readers and my friends

  1. Oh Helen, I have only found your blog not long ago and I really fell in love with you as a person. I don’t really know what to say but what I want to tell you is you are more than what people are telling you, if you have nothing to hide and I believe that you don’t then please don’t listen to any negative thing being said about you. Just delete that damn thing and ignore you ever had a message, if you never read the message you can’t really think about it can you? Take the DM thing off so no one can DM you on twitter and if they want to talk to you they can only do so by tweeting you. I know we don’t know each other very well, but I also suffer from panick attacks and anxiety so I know the feeling very well. If there is any way I could help please let me know and please please please don’t listen to them, I know that is easier said than done but you are WORTH more than that and you are more than they think you are. To me and to a lot of people including friends and family you are beautiful and there are many amazing qualities about you. So chin up cos haters are always gona hate! Best of luck! Xxx


  2. Believe me, I understand. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, and I haven’t even been able to bring myself to get back to the doctor for a refill of my meds. Suffice it to say, it’s been hard – especially since I lost my senior cat in February and had to take my senior dog, Suki, to the vet and have her euthanized yesterday. I’ve cried almost every minute since. I’m involved in animal rescue, which is probably something someone with my condition shouldn’t be involved with, but I love animals and always have. I have thousands of “friends” on Facebook – not people I’ve ever met in person, but those that share my love of animals and desire to help. I’ve become close to some, even just via internet, but many see my posts and I catch some of their’s (my newsfeed moves faster than the ticker on the stock exchange channel. I had quite a few people offering their support and consoling me. Then I get a comment by someone I really don’t know, but who is on my friend’s list – another rescue person, who SHOULD understand what I had just gone through. She wrote one word. “Murder”. I had already been questioning my decision since I made it, but I knew in my head – and heart – that it was the right thing for Suki. I could have been selfish and let her suffer so I could have her around a little longer, but she could barely walk and wasn’t even aware of her surroundings. All those wonderful, positive comments wiped out – by one, unfeeling, uncaring person who knows me as a name in their friend’s list and who obviously watched my posts at least part of the time. I’m still shaking from that comment. I left a “WTF?” in response and after a few hours, deleted both her since word and my three letters. I will never understand why while there are so many wonderful people in this world, there have to also be the type that seem to enjoy causing pain in others. I hope you can get past this and move on. It sounds like that individual has a need for attention, and doesn’t like even a micron of her attention given to anyone else. If you bought the design package, it would seem you had every right to use them, after all.


  3. Stay strong. ❤ It will all be okay, Helena. Not everyone hates you (and no one should!) You are a really nice person and I know you never intended to “steal” as they put it and never would.


  4. Helena,
    I’m so sorry you had to go through this. My daughter suffers from panic attacks, social anxiery, and depression. She goes through the “What if?” questions when she has attacks. Words are powerful and can do major damage to people. I’ve dealt with verbal and emotional abuse before and it’s hard to get past. Stay strong and remember you’re loved and respected. Don’t let the haters and bitter people win.


  5. If you bought the same bundles you had every right to use it and the fact you tried to do something as different as possible speak of your honesty.
    Words can hurt that’s so true but don’t forget that they also can help to heal, you are not alone and you can be proud of you for being you so remember that there are poeple caring for you and don’t give up


  6. You are a very strong person. You managed to tell your side of things in a well thought of manner. You made sure to use “grown up words” that were appropriate, instead of ranting and raving all over the social sites. I vaguely understand what you have gone through. I have had mild panic attacks in the past and I do have depression which is being helped by medication.


  7. *hugs* some people can be horribly nasty and immature when they don’t think something was fair to them, and they don’t think things through before they act. No one thinks you did this on purpose and no one hates you, so don’t worry about that. To the people who made an issue out of this publicly, well they need to sit down and ask themselves how they would feel if they got treated that way. Bullies are bullies, and it’s sad that some of them just never grow up and act like a mature adult about matters that should be handled privately. I’m sorry you had to go through all of this, but you aren’t alone. If you ever need to talk, I’m always here for you, as are tons of others in the blogging community!


  8. Oh Helena…I am so sorry this happened to you. I had no idea it was you that the post was about. You are the sweetest person and I believe you when you say you didn’t steal the designs. Like all drama, it’ll pass and I am so sorry to hear about your anxiety and depression. I know those are very tough to work through. I agree, it should have been handled privately first so things could have been cleared up. Love you and, again, I am so sorry this is happening. ❤


  9. *HUGS* I’m so sorry this happy to you :/ I agree that this should have been handled privately and cleared up through emails before she started bad talking 😐

    No one will hate you ❤ ❤ You're one of the nicest and sweetest people I've know in the blogging community. Don't let this get you down. Be strong ❤ ❤ We're here for you 🙂


  10. I do hope this person does this. It’s so hard to properly define plagiarism when you’re using the same resources, and for all you could know, someone who you think copied you hadn’t even heard of your work and just happens to have the same resources. And then what can you do? *hugs* I’m very sorry to hear about the panic attack, and I wish you all the best. I honestly disagree with how unprofessionally this was dealt with, so chin up, dear


  11. Helena, I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I assumed it was just one Tweet that I saw and had no idea about the constant stream of abuse you’ve had to endure. Nor did I know it was you who was being talked about. Although we follow one another on twitter, I can’t recall that we’ve interacted. That should definitely change. This whole situation is horrible. I too buy resources from there, as well as Creative Market.

    Just my own opinion of course, but I can’t see that you’ve done anything wrong. To place fancy font within a wreath isn’t revolutionary by any means. Creators on Creative Market have been doing it for years. When you use stock graphics and not creating your own, this is bound to happen. Society 6 is flooded with the same, similar designs and I don’t agree with one person being singled out.

    When issues between two parties are put out in the public arena, I think we all understand the repercussions and I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I know what the previous replies are saying by ‘haters gonna hate’, but no one should be subjected to online bulling. I’m so, so very sorry and hope that time away from social media will help ease your heartache.


  12. I think it’s quite absurd that this situation has gotten to the point that it has. I’m so terribly sorry you’ve had to withstand the abuse dealt out by the community for something that’s absolutely illogical in my opinion. You aren’t a thief or a copy cat and I’m sorry certain folks have pegged you as such.

    You’re using bought graphics that any human with money can buy and just because someone else happens to buy or use the same resources to create a design (I use create lightly) doesn’t mean that you’ve plagerised their content or idea. It just means that you’ve purchased the same resources available to anyone; therefore, imo you can make as many fancy pillows or mugs with them as you please just like everyone else does. No one person has claim over the watercolor flowers or the swirly font or a book quote. Keep doing you, Helena.

    I don’t know you, but you’re awesome for handling things so maturly. Take some time, and come back strong bub c:


  13. Oh sweetie, I am SO sorry! When I saw all of this going down, and saw some tweets about the “design in question”, I really hoped that it wasn’t you- I even said to myself “this cannot be over one somewhat similar design on a phrase that NO ONE has claim to, right?” But alas, I was wrong. And I am mad for you. Because like I told you on Twitter- and I stand by it!- I think your designs are awesome! And actually, the irony is, I liked them because they ARE different! And for real, no one owns flowers and script lettering as a “thing”.

    I am especially sad that this happened and caused you so much stress and panic attacks. Those are awful, and no one should have to go through that because they’re being attacked over something that was supposed to make them happy.

    Your “what ifs” broke my heart. I also agree that there’s a LOT to be said about handling things in a discreet way, and this was not it. I once had an issue with someone in regards to a blog post. And do you know how many people know the details? TWO- me and her, because it is NOT okay to do that to someone. Goodness, you never, ever know what is happening to the other person on any side of any argument. Like you said, what if it was done to someone who absolutely could NOT have handled it? It’s terrifying to think about.

    I think you handled yourself beautifully in the wake of this. And it says a LOT about your character that you didn’t come charging back on social media, you were articulate and not at all derogatory, and that speaks volumes. Depression and anxiety are definitely no joke, and what you did by talking about this was not only incredibly brave, but it shows people the effects that this kind of thing can have on others. I feel like you really turned an awful situation into a teaching tool, and I am so beyond impressed with that. That in the midst of your own mental health issues, you had the foresight to think of others-that is just… exceptional, really. And if you need anything, please, feel free to reach out. I mean that. I have gone through (am going through, no past tense even haha) the mental health stuff, and I know sometimes just talking is so helpful, so never hesitate to shoot me an email or a DM or anything! BIG hugs ♥


  14. Hi Helena! This is my first time visiting here.
    Anyways, I’m truly sorry that you have had to go through this. I want you to know that even though you might not be seeing it on Twitter, there are lots of people on your side. This really doesn’t need to be said, but YOU ARE NOT IN THE WRONG. You bought those some resources and you are allowed to do whatever you want. To be honest, this whole thing has upset me because I didn’t think this person was capable of doing that. I tried to defend her in my head too because she’s someone I’ve always respected and looked up to, but having her friends attack (even unconciously – she must have known this would happen!) you without ever contacting you first is a really shitty thing to do. And I see she’s throwing accusations that her copier didn’t even buy the resources which she really can’t say without solid proof. I haven’t bought anything from her, but she’s lost a potential customer in me.

    Here’s the thing, she did not invent those designs. People have been doing them for a very long time. Aentee at Read at Midnight does those kinds of designs with the little graphics that she does to accompany her posts way before the designer opened up her society 6 store. So by her logic then, she copied Aentee and is commercializing Aentee’s ideas. Those graphics and resources on Creative Market or Hungry JPEG are there for ANYONE to use as long as they’ve legally bought them, so you are completely entitled to make your book designs and sell them even if she is also doing them. She has absolutely no right to say that she’s the only one who can use those watercolor resources/design styles to do bookish designs. It’s sad because this is exactly why some smaller designers are scared to start up or continue on.

    I’m truly sorry on behalf of the community for the way you have been treated. It’s completely disheartening especially when there were no basis to the accusations and some were outright false. I do hope that this doesn’t mean you’ll stop your design venture. Please continue. Don’t let this affect it all. Take care of yourself, Helena. You may not know me, but my DMs and email are open to you if ever you want to talk. ❤


  15. Hi there, I’m a first time visitor here but I don’t plan this to be my last visit. 🙂

    I think it’s absolute bullshit what is happening to you and it pisses me off so bad. You are not in the wrong. YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG! I have yet to see anything truly original when it comes to bookish merchandise. Everything is inspired by something or other and 99% of the bookish quotes I’ve seen on Pinterest long before Society 6 stored became the hot new trend. Just because someone selected a book quote or a design element of a fucking flower or wreath, doesn’t mean that they are the only ones allowed to do it or use it, no matter how many fucking followers they have. If they truly want something unique, then they should do their own custom graphics. They can’t dictate what other people can or cannot buy and they certainly shouldn’t start accusing others of not buying the designs. It’s funny but she’s the only one that I’ve seen so far that makes such a big deal about being ‘copied.’

    I will never understand her way of thinking that she can tell other people what they can or can’t design. She told my friend on Twitter this past week (who had a similar graphic for her blog MONTHS before the other girl uploaded hers at her store) that they look similar because they both bought the same design pack and she had the nerve to tell her it was okay because it was for her own personal use, but that if she tried to sell it as a design she WOULD have a problem with it…even though my friend designed it 6 months before. WHAAAAT???

    I assure you that you are not alone and that there are more people who do not agree with what she did to you or her way of thinking. I’m sorry that you had people attacking you, but at least you know now who you DON’T want to be friends with. #brightside

    *sorry for the cussing*


  16. As a fellow designer I feel mad on your behalf. I also purchase a lot of graphics pack from The Hungry JPEG and Design Cuts, and I don’t think that you should stop using products you purchased with your hard-earned money simply because someone else thinks they own it all after they have slapped it onto some design. If that were the case, this graphics business and sites like Hungry JPEG and S6 would not exist altogether.

    People should be confident in their design enough to not feel threatened by competition to the market. Isn’t this what pushes us all to do our best work, the want to stand out from the crowd, despite using similar resources? I’m very proud of all the graphics work I have done and I would say that you should be, too.


  17. There are so many bloggers that it would be nearly impossible to not in some way “copy” another person’s design. Especially when that person bought a premade bundle that is available to all. It’s kind of like when two people wear the same shirt!

    When things like this happen, it makes me wonder if the other party is just trying to draw attention to themselves.


  18. Hi!
    I’ve never been on your blog before and wasn’t following you on twitter or IG but someone who knows how much I dislike the behavior of a certain person pointed me to your post.

    I’m really sorry for what happened to you! In my opinion you don’t need to be sorry for anything! Your are in the right here. You can’t own ideas and creating designs like this, even if they look similar, aren’t her thing. There were people who did this before her, there will be people who will do this after her.
    And her blog post about the whole thing is just ridiculous because she doesn’t even conform to her “rules” herself.

    It’s just super shitty behavior from her side. Especially as someone who was attacked on Twitter for a design once and then had to deal with anxiety and now does the same thing to someone else.


  19. I’m so sorry this happened to you! I know what person you’re talking about, but I never realized it was you. I’ve never bought anything from the Hungryjpeg, but I’ve been hesitating for this reason, even though they have an awesome bundle for $16!

    I totally agree with you, you can’t control how “inspired” someone is by a design. Honestly, I’ve seen 100 different people doing the same design on Pinterest. I never commented on the persons original thread because I don’t believe you can control designs like these, especially when you’re using material you don’t own (regardless of whether you have permission).

    Here’s what I have to say: keep designing and use every single design you purchased with your own money! There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m no longer going to support that person, they were childish and rude.

    If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to email or DM me (I’m @akzfineart on most social media, incase you’re not comfortable being on Twitter).


  20. Hi there!

    I am very sorry to hear that this happened to you 😦

    I do agree with you. I think it definitely would’ve been better had said blogger contacted you first. Rather than spreading hate.

    I hope that this letter has helped you. And that you can one day come back to Twitter feeling safe.

    Thank you for your inspiring letter! You’re really brave! I hope that everything works itself out 🙂


  21. Hi Helena,

    We don’t follow each other on Twitter and before today I had never visited your lovely blog. Like others who have stopped by to comment, I’m here to show you my support with a letter of sorts in response to yours.

    You didn’t do anything wrong in this situation and I’m really sorry how it spiralled out of control and blew up in your face. It’s unfair and the baseless accusations you’ve had to deal with are beyond unwarranted.

    As you pointed out, you paid for the graphics and font bundles. That entitles you to use them in your designs as you see fit since The Hungry JPEG offers full commercial licenses.

    Please don’t let someone else’s misplaced sense of entitlement bring you down. You had every right to use these elements in your design. The fact that you tried to avoid using elements that she had used in her designs speaks volumes for your empathy and consciousness when you didn’t even have to care.

    So many others have bought the same bundles and used them. Just because she has a popular online store, doesn’t mean she gets exclusive rights, much less trample all over you.

    I’m particularly mad for you that she didn’t have the decency to contact you privately first. You didn’t have the chance to explain yourself.

    Besides, when it comes to derivative designs, as in these cases, it’s a tall order to claim originality. These phrases in question are flung around every day on book blogs, booklr, bookstagram, booktube and whatnot. Designs like these have preceded her sales, so she can’t lay claim to anything.

    Please don’t let this incident drag down your spirits. Know that many of us are rallying for you and are upset by the injustice that you’ve had to deal with as well as the bullying from third parties.

    With Love,


  22. Hey Helena ! I just read this and I completely understand what you went through. I just sent you a direct message on Instagram I hope you get to see it ❤️


  23. I’m so sorry that this happened to you, Helena, but it’s very brave of you to come forward and tell people how much this situation has affected you. Too often people go off on “rants” without thinking about the ramification of their words and it really kind of sickens me how hateful people can be on social media. Know that you have lots of people out there supporting you. I hope that the positive words of support that you have received will help to counteract the pain of the negativity that was spewed at you.


  24. Hi Helena, you don’t know who I am but I was on Twitter earlier today and one of my friends mentioned there had been some drama and she was sick over it, which led me here. I’m so sorry that you’ve been subjected to this 😦 people have a terrible habit of jumping to conclusions without getting facts, but the worst ones will then be mean about it without thinking of the consequences.

    You’d think that in this day and age people would realise that the internet is a vast place, and just because they think they’re right about something, doesn’t mean they are. Abusing someone they don’t know just proves them to be bullies and people that should not be associated with.

    Those of us that design our own blogs download image packs all the time and we know plenty of people use them (I am no graphic designer, so I’m grateful we can even do this!) People need to chill, they need to stop, think and then act. Not an awful lot of thinking was done this weekend, and you bore the brunt of it.

    I hope you’re doing okay and that you’re no longer experiencing panic and anxiety over this. Again, I’m so sorry that you dealt with this; and please know there are those of us that are right behind you (even people you don’t know!) because the way this entire thing went down was appalling, and the bookish community sure needs to do some growing up.


  25. Hey Helena! So sorry to hear this! I hope you are feeling better now. Remember one thing, you know deep down that you are a good person and you didn’t do anything wrong for her or anyone else! That’s such a relief, because people are waiting for any mess you may experience to watch you suffering! I don’t know you well, but through you letter I can reassure you that you are an amazing person and sensitive! I want you to know that a lot of people show their respect and unconditional love for you. Sending hugs your way! xoxo



  26. I’m so sorry that this happened to you! I understand what you are going through, because I’ve been attacked on social media before too, for ‘copying’ people, although, I will admit, it was no where near as bad as what those people did to you.
    I think you are an amazing, smart person, and your blog is great! You just got a new follower/subscriber ❤


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