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Interview with Darcy Woods

Hello everyone, how have you been? As you all know, I had the amazing opportunity of reading Summer of Supernovas a while ago, and I LOVED IT, I was so SO happy with the book, that I could t help but contact Darcy to ask her if she would like me to interview her for our blog and GUESS WHAT? She said YES!!

The answers are so amazing!! I hope you all like them, as much as I did 😀

Tell us a little bit about your book.

Delighted to! SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS is about zodiac-obsessed teen on a twenty-two day, star-fueled quest for love. Piece of cake, right? (Which reminds me, there are cupcakes in this story!) Except, what if you find your perfect match, only to discover you’re already head-over-vintage-heels for your astrological downfall? Ultimately, this is a story of loss + yearning + belief systems challenged. And kissing. Oh my, let there be kissing.


How did you come up with the title of your book?

The title was tricky. I knew I wanted to incorporate something to do with stars because of the astrology premise. Trouble was, whenever I tried working stars into the title, it felt a little too reminiscent of a *certain* YA contemporary by John Green. 😉 So after a day of hardcore obsessing, the word Supernova popped into my head. And eureka! I had the essence of my title. Then given the whimsical, romantic air (plus my love of alliteration) adding Summer to the title seemed like a natural fit.

Just for kicks, here are a few other titles that didn’t make the cut:

Language of the Sky

Constellations of the Heart

The Fifth House

Seeking Sagittarius

Going Supernova


What’s your zodiac sign and how would you describe yourself?

Ha! I adore this question with all of my molecules, Becky! I’m a Gemini born on the cusp of Taurus. I tell my husband it’s like he’s married to three women so he’ll never be bored. After nearly 20 years of togetherness, this seems to hold true. 😉 I’m very Gemini with respect to my adaptability and supreme need for socializing, while ALSO balancing my opposing nature to hermit and mushroom on my couch. My inner Taurus makes me dependable and patient. But for all my easygoing ways, I am an equally FIERCE and loyal friend. I’m slow to rile but the idiom: Mess with the bull you get the horns, absolutely applies. 🙂

What kind of music did you listen to while writing SOS?

Oh, a whole lot of acoustical. As you know from reading, Grant is totally into music and plays guitar in a band called Wanderlust. So I listened to lots of Vance Joy, The Donnis Trio, Slow Runner, and of course, one of the more pivotal songs in this story: Blackbird by The Beatles. Although I mixed it up a bit by listening to the Sarah McLachlan version as well.

Which character was the most difficult to write?

Hmm. This is an interesting question, Becky—never considered it before you asked! I guess probably the most challenging character to write was Wil’s best friend and Russian piercing artist, Irina Dmitriyev. Irina’s such a complicated tangle of fragility and thorns. Doing justice to her complexity on the page was no easy feat. But Iri was worth the headaches because I can’t imagine a more perfect sidekick for Wil.


What would you say to all the girls out there that dream about meeting their true love?

Speaking as someone who has kissed many a toad and stayed in unhealthy relationships far longer than she should—I cannot stress the importance of knowing and loving yourself first. Be your own prince. Be your own princess. Be your own one and only. So when the right person comes along, they won’t complete you. They will COMPLEMENT you. Meaning they’ll bring out the very best and most beautiful parts of you, and you will shine brighter because of them.


Would you tell us a weird fact about you?

Just one? Uh…I once held a jellyfish (nonstinging species) I found while sea kayaking in Ireland. I would liken the experience to holding a breast implant.

Bonus factoid: I’m quasi ambidextrous. I am a right-handed writer, but all sports and weaponry (I’m also an Army veteran) I do left-handed.

Bonus bonus factoid: I was a band geek who played the French horn.


Do you like Cinnamon Rolls? 

You mean am I a carbon-based human who adores the warm spicy sugary euphoria of a baked good dropped from the heavens above? Yes. The answer is a resounding yes.


Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Well, I *might* be working on a companion novel that follows the guy who didn’t get the girl. And there are broken hearts, both literal and metaphorical.

Thank you so much for reaching out and interviewing me, AND being a tireless champion for SOS! I count my lucky stars to have you in my life!:)




What do you guys think about the interview?

Did you like it?

Do you want to read the book? 

Let me know in the comments below and lets fangirl together 😀

Reading/writing YA is my oxygen.

I love funny. Funny ha-ha and funny weird. I also adore books that have kissy bits because love makes life’s pointy edges more smooth. Cats, music, and lattes happen regularly in my home. Once upon a time I refueled helicopters for the US Army and threw live grenades. Now I throw words.

My Golden Heart-winning debut YA novel, SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS, comes out from Random House/Crown May 2016.

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