Review: The Marked Girl by Lindsey Klingele



Man, what a freakin couple of weeks. Ugh, what can I say but life blows. I couldn’t read too much stuff going on to even concentrated. So when this pretty arrived at my door step. I give it a go just like all others before and miserably fail. I just needed a GREAT fantasy to get out of my funk and go somewhere else for at least a bit.
Well, that book was The Marked Girl. From the beginning I liked where this was going. I mean just read the beginning, it grabs you by the damn balls! Right from the first paragraph.

“Light glinted off the side of the sword as it raced down one perfect, sweeping motion. The blade slid into the exposed side of the young man who knelt, frozen, on the ground. Immediately, a small patch of deep red bloomed against his shirt, and he collapsed in a broken heap.”

I think it was a pretty good story. It had great parts and slow ones. Liv was young and lack of common sense like all teenagers. It will probably annoy some but understand that the character is young and immature. Hello, it is YA right lol. She does mature more into the book. So don’t worry about that.
Cedric is a sweetie and I really love his character. He was so, so, loveable and had amazing manners. Which of course a prince always has of no 😉 I think the way he behaves and acts is great to see in YA books.

I think a lot of teens, boys or girls, need to understand that manners and the way one conduct oneself in a specified way, especially toward others is a very important aspect to have.
I really liked The Marked Girl by Lindsey Klingele. Not only because it was a great story with great action to detail but because it takes A LOT to get me out of my funk. So, this book speaks volumes if you tell me 😉 Can’t wait for the next book in the series.

4 thoughts on “Review: The Marked Girl by Lindsey Klingele

  1. I’ve seen this book around and it has really intrigued me! The concept is super interesting. (Plus Lindsey is also from my state so that’s definitely another reason why I want to read the book haha.)
    It’s so great that it got you out of a reading slump. I hope everything is going okay ❤
    Great review, Helena 🙂


    1. Hi Faith, thank you <3<3
      It was super cute and interesting. I really liked. I hope you get to read it sometime soon 🙂
      It did get me out of the slump. It was a horrible one too. But all is well now. Thank you so much for stopping by again. You're a sweetheart. xoxo


  2. Ohhhh I had already an eye on this cover (I love the color scheme!) but now it got bumped up on my TBR! A book that relieved someone from a reading slump must definitely be worth it 😉 *hoping all is better for you now!*


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