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[Blog Tour] Review: Hitched Vol Two by Kendall Ryan

No, no, no, no!! That can NOT end like THAT!!!
Noah, I know you’re under A LOT of pressure but baby boy, NO. Just NO, NO, NO!!!!

Holy crap, what an ending! Let me tell you. If you think you ALMOST DIED at the end of Hitched vol 1? Yea, think again because you HAVEN’T experience anything. YOU WILL definitely DIE NOW!

I haven’t read a suspenseful ending like this in a LONG freakin time!!!!
I kept looking to see if I was being tricked. Maybe I missed a page? But nope, wasn’t being tricked or missing anything at all.

Noah and Olivia’s story continues in vol 2 and let’s just say, that fireworks go off like the 4th of July!!! Sweet lord, was I rooting for them the whole damn time lol. It finally happens and it was STEAMY HOT woohoo!!! Hot damn! The smile on my face was permanent for like a damn hour lol. Their chemistry was off the roof, and I truly enjoy every minute of it.


There were a few parts where I was like “WTF”. But it’s all with great reason. I must say, I loved that Olivia was a great, strong character in Vol 1. Even when it was a bit much, at some points. But as the relationship grows, so does Olivia. I can understand her and deal with her more. She isn’t annoying or childish at all. She has grown into a outstanding, kick-ass woman.

Noah is still the Sexy arrogant bastard that he is. But EVEN more sexier if that’s possible. Sweet lord, the man can melt your panties right off by just freaking looking at you. I can’t even begin to explain how he is, in this book. All I know is, that you must read it and read it NOW , please!!! I need someone to be my mate and torture ourselves together over Mr Tate haha.

In conclusion, just like volume 1. I am eagerly awaiting for the conclusion of Imperfect love series

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