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[Blog Tour] Review: Hitched Vol 3 by Kendall Ryan

Well…. That was….. interesting?

I wen into this book, with an opened mind. Especially, after the ending that happened in Vol 2.

The 3rd and final installment of the Imperfect Love series ties up all the loose ends. The two come to terms with what happened but not before a lot of  graveling and forgiveness.

 But the most important part of the book was if they figured out, what was the most important thing.

Their legacy, the business their family built, or love?

There were some good and so so parts in this story. I was pleased with it.

But, to me I lost a bit of interested in the middle. I understand the circumstances and it was still a great book. I was happy with the ending, don’t get me wrong. But there were some things that left me a little meh.

But this was just my own issues. I know some ppl, LOVED it.

I still think Kendall Ryan writing is amazing and will for sure still be reading her books. My issues was in no way part of her writing. It was more, little things about the plot.

I know, not every book can be up to “MY” standards. I’m not quick to dismiss an author. Just because I didn’t like how the story went. That’s just crazy and dumb. But hey that’s me.

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