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{Blog Tour} Review: Fear The Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh


First I would like to thank Sarah Glenn Marsh & Brittany from Brittany´s Book Rambles for giving us the opportunity of participating in this amazing tour! THANK YOU!

After finishing this amazing book, there´s one thing I have to say…

Fear The Drowning Deep is the book that you need in your life, trust me.

A while ago, when Sarah and other readers started to talk about the book I was curious, so I went to goodreads to look for it and once I read the synopsis I was obsessed. I immediately added it to my TBR. I was super sad at the same time because when I added it I noticed the release date and I couldn´t believe that I had to wait a whole year to read it.

*sad face *

Meanwhile I was thinking:

Will I love the book?

Will it have an amazing plot?

Will I be awake late reading it?

Will it have swoon scenes and a perfect boy?


I had the amazing opportunity of reading this book before the release date and the answer to all those questions is a simply and magnificent *YES. *


So I will try to tell you all my thoughts about everything while being careful of not giving away any spoilers I promise ;D

So let´s talk about the cover first. I LOVE IT! It kind of gives me the chills if you ask me,  because I´m terrified of the sensation of not feeling the ground. After finisihing the story and meeting the MC Bridey Corkill I totally think the cover fits the book perfectly.

The book started with the most killer and perfect first sentence, it completely captured my attention and I… I just couldn´t put the book down.

I needed to know what happened next.


The characters of this story were perfect. They will for sure find a place in your heart. I loved every single one of them, except for some

*rolls eyes at certain characters. *

My two favorite characters of this story were Bridey and Fynn * swoons *. Bridey was the kind of girl who, at the beginning, was terrified of the water because of her granddad´s death, but then she knew she had to master her own fears in order to protect those who meant the world to her. What I admired about her was that, she didn´t cared about what other people said or the faces they made when she was closer. On the contrary, it made her stronger. Fynn on the other hand… I can tell you for sure that I added him to my list of bookboyfriends and he´s in the very top. Fynn was a mystery to me, he was handsome, brave and had a big heart.

But I had more favorite characters like Catreena and Lugh, Bridey`s best Friends, her sisters and Morag, the Witch of Port Coir that everyone seemed to be scared of, but that at the end will surprise you.

As I read the last page I felt something in my heart, maybe it sounds silly, but since I started to read this book I became very fond of all the characters that made this story perfect and unique, and I was worried that something could happen to them.

And the end? It was a perfect ending for a perfect story.


In other words, the story was amazing, I was intrigued of what would happen next, till the very end. There will be a time in which you won`t be able to put the book down, due to twists, which I didn´t see coming; and amazing scenes that made me love the story even more.

I had lots of feelings like fear, happiness and sadness, those feelings meant that I really enjoyed the story. I had fear for…. I had happiness for… I had sadness for… [ And if you want to know what those “…” are for, then you should better add it to your ¨TBR¨.

This book is the kind of story in which you will get lost in the words, time will pass by and you will forget about everything else. It was a world full of fantastical creatures that once you finished reading about them and this magnificent world, you will want to go back.


Sarah´s way of writing will make readers  feel part of this wonderful story since the very first page, she created a  journey that they will never want to leave.

You can buy Fear The Drowning Deep here:

Amazon.   Barnes & Noble.   Book Depository.   Indiebound.


Open INTL, the winner will be given an ARC of Fear the Drowning Deep, plus a tote bag!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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10 thoughts on “{Blog Tour} Review: Fear The Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh

  1. I can’t wait for this book to come out! Sarah was so nice to me in a writing contest I participated in and I’m so happy for her!
    (Love the book cover and that swag tote bag is pretty awesome too!)
    Thanks for the giveaway!


    1. awww thank you so much ❤ I highly recommend this book. It was amazing since the beginning, and OMG you just have to read it, I swear you will like it ❤ the characters are amazing and super special ❤


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