Review: Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes


What just happened?…..


Did something happen?


Did I miss it ?


Ummm. This one just wasn’t for me? Ummm yea. No, this book just left me blah. I felt nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero!!!


I had, major issues with this book. From the beginning of Queen of Hearts. I was irritated with Dinah! Holy crap, can she be any more annoying!!!? I seriously wanted to shake this girl. Talk about a pampered, whiny, little brat! Dinah was not a strong female character. She had no courage and she lacked confidences to me.

My other issue was the plot. If you sit back after you read the book. Tell me, besides the world build. Did everything make sense to you? Didn’t it feel like shit just happened out of nowhere with no explanation? Mmm? no? just me? oh well.

I’m sure others will love it. But, I myself can’t love a character that whines and lacks courage. To me, the story loses its potential. I become irritated and that gets me into a bad mood and it’s all downhill from there, lol.
It’s hard to keep reading a book like that. I know most of you will probably disagree with me and that is fineeeeeee. To each their own. I will say this, the world build WAS great! Wonderland was beautiful. I’m not gonna lie. It was there, everything was in this book. But, the damn, annoying, character!

And that’s, that. I really tried, and I really did. But my god. I couldn’t anymore. I have too many books that need my time.


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