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Mini Review: Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims

Wow, this book was craaaaazy! There was blackmail, murder, drugs and alcohol, and basically I couldn’t trust anyone who could’ve been the killer. Not even the main characters, Joy and Grace (twins) themselves could I trust. This was a pretty addicting thriller because as always I have to know what really happened the night of Adam’s death. The only downfall for me was that some parts were a little predictable and I pretty much knew early on who the blackmailer was. It was still interesting enough for me to finish it because the twins were very complex characters that I needed to know more about. Also, the friendships in this story really helped. I loved that Preston was there for Joy no matter what, even at her lows. Plus I liked the fact that they were just friends and nothing more! I also really liked Levi, Adam’s half brother. He was such a cute nerdy guy that I just wanted to squish!
Although this was a dark book, I enjoyed reading it and the outcomes of a trauma. I definitely recommend reading it if you like suspense.

*Trigger warnings: sex, language, drugs, alcohol*

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