Review: Something in Between by Melissa de la Cruz



Three reasons why I picked up Something in Between by Melissa De La Cruz. One, it’s about a important topic of illegal immigration. Second, it’s about a family and culture of the Philippines. Which is a topic that is very close to my heart as I am married to a wonderful man who is filipino. But 3rd, probably the most important to me is about, interracial-romance.

This was a cute and interesting story. It had lot of information. There aren’t many books, that talk about the 3 points that I mentioned. I did see a lot of resemblances of the culture. Which I enjoyed very much. I live it every day, as I’m in embedded in the Philippine roots with my Husband and mother in-law. They make sure that I know about everything be it cooking, history or just stories from their old home. My family, are very proud of their heritage, which makes me love it even more.

Something in Between, is a great look into how minority livesin the US. I feel that not many people explore this topic. Which I think is pretty interesting, since half the country is surrounded by immigrants. No? I would definitely like to read more about this related topic.

Jasmine’s ambition and determination is something to learn from. I believe that many people will learn from her struggles. I loved how she was passionate for her country, Which I also feel that many take it for granted. Because US is all they know and don’t see how fortunate they really are.

I enjoy Something in Between by Melissa De La Cruz. It was a quick great summer read. If you’re into YA Contemporary romance, diversity, family and friendship. I believe this is a great read. In which you will enjoy and learn something new from.

2 thoughts on “Review: Something in Between by Melissa de la Cruz

    1. You’re welcome! I hope you get to read it. It was a great novel that not many talks about. It has great subject matters that are not often spoken about it YA. I hope you enjoy it, happy ready. xoxo


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