Review: Hexed by Michelle Krys


So I have a story with this book.

I bought it and meant to read it before the RT Book Lovers Convention at Dallas, because I was going to meet Michelle – who by the way is absolutely cool and amazing – and I like to read a book before I meet the author, so I can fangirl about the book with them, but because I was busy with college at the time *rolls eyes* I didn´t read it 😦


I READ IT!!! And I know it took me awhile, but I´m so happy that I finally read it ❤

The book was amazing! It´s about witches and warlocks and AHHHH I don´t know what to say ok?!?! I love it, and If I could put tons of emojis to describe how much I loved this book I would!

So I will list some of the things that I enjoyed about this book:

  • The cover looks A M A Z I N G.
  • The pacing was perfect; I couldn´t put the book down!! It was soo good that I didn´t want to finish it, but then I remembered that I already have the second book, and I just couldn´t wait to know what happened next.
  • The MC of the book, Indigo, was my favorite character; She´s funny, she doesn´t give up and fights for the ones she loves.
  • I LOVE BISHOP OK?!?! He´s super funny, I laughed at almost everything he said. He´s perfect ;D
  • At the beginnig of the story we can see how badly she tries to be Indie´s friend, and how they develop their friendship as the story goes on.
  • And Indie´s friends?! Just UGH. If you read the book you will know what I´m talking about.
  • THE ENDING GUYS!!!!! THAT END!!!!!! I really can´t wait to read the next one!

So what do you guys think?! Have you read the book? If so please let me know, I would love to talk with you guys about the story. If you haven´t read it, you totally should, it was awesome 😀





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