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ARC Review: If I Fix You by Abigail Johnson


WELL….. that was……. !!!


So here I am, a week after I read If I Fix You. And I’m still thinking about it. This story was great, in so many aspects. When I read the synopsis, I was intrigued and it’s a debut novel. Which I love even more.
Well, let just say I wasn’t expecting to feel so affected by this story.
The Jill and her father’s relationship, was outstanding and heart crushing. I felt so deeply for the father. The things he did to keep everything afloat and his daughter happy. Was beautiful and endearing.

I was also extremely proud of Jill. She’s a character that I really love. I felt like I knew her and her hardships. She was strong minded, goodwill, and loving. Even with all the hardships that she was dealt with, she acted like a grown-up and dealt with the situations.

The relationship between Jill and Daniel. Was pretty intense and steamy. I loved how the whole thing between them worked out. My heart BROKE for Daniel. For the life that he was dealt. I really, really want to say more BUT… If I do, I will spoil the plot. I just hope that Abigail Johnson sees this review and knows. That I need her to write another book on the story of you know who “wink, wink”.

If I Fix You by Abigail Johnson. Is a great book with a light and airy writing style. That’s perfect for everyone. With great advice on friendship, romance, and parent abandonment. It’s a great realistic fiction story, in which you can take away great life lessons.

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