Review: By Your Side by Kasie West

My first Kasie West book and it was Unputdownable and marvelous!!!

I have to say, I have seen this author’s name everywhere. I’ve seen a lot of admiration and praise for her books. But I’ve never had the chance to read any of them until now. My experience with this book was super fast and adorable. I was immediately engaged to By Your Side.

This book was just so delightful and charming. It was the perfect start to Kasie West journey for me.  I mean, I couldn’t have picked a better book. A girl and boy trapped in a library!!! Come on!!! Can you image being locked in a Library?

Everyone that I know, that is, of course, a lovely book nerd. Was freaking out about this book for the plot along. This plot is just like the dream of having Belle’s enormous library.  I couldn’t pass up that opportunity and I’m glad I didn’t. It was a very appealing plot with an interesting storyline. I’m super ecstatic it was my first book by Kasie West.  By Your Side didn’t at any moment feel weary or dull.  It was the perfect swoon-worthy book.

Ms. Kasie West did a phenomenal job. Granted this was my first book from her. However, it certainly will not be my last. Because By Your Side has definitely inspired me to read all other books. The whole book from begin to the ending was satisfying and I can not see her other books be any different.

Every review that I have read is nothing but absolute adoration. Here are a few of my favorite reviews that I think you should definitely take a look at. Grace from”Rebel Mommy Book Blog“. She’s someone I look to for book recommendations and her review for By Your Side is just excellent and to the point. If quotes are more your thing then you MUST check out  Swoon Thursday a feature  Alyssa from “The Eater of Books” participates in. I’m sure you’ll want to read this book once you read her swoony pick 😉


18 thoughts on “Review: By Your Side by Kasie West

    1. Eeep, thank you so much, Grace!!! You’re truly welcome! I hope you don’t mind shouting you out it was a great review.😘 And I know what ya mean, who wouldn’t want to be in a library all weekend! I will definitely be reading more of her books that’s for sure 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by again, you’re the best xoxo


  1. I’ve seen so many great things about Kasie West, and despite having a few of her books on my shelves, I still haven’t read any of her work. I managed to get an eARC of this on Edelweiss, so I’m really considering making it my next read! So glad you loved it!


    1. Thank you, Kelly! This was my first book by this author and I’m glad that it was. It was fast, cute, and it all happened in a library! YES please, lol! I really hope you get to it soonish? I think you will really enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by again xoxo


  2. Oh wow, your fantastic review has definitely convinced me to read this one ASAP!! I’ve read a book by this author before (and loved it, if I remember correctly) so I think I’ll adore this one too. Plus, stuck in a library?! Sign me up! 🙂


    1. 😘😘😘That is great NEWS!!! I’m so glad that I can persuade you to read it! It’s an adorable contemporary romance read. If that is your thing then I know you will enjoy it for sure❤️. Definitely, let me know what your thoughts are.
      Thank you for stopping by, it means the world❤️. Have a great day xoxo😍 😍 😍


  3. Whaaaaaat, Helena, this is your FIRST Kasie West novel? You’re kidding! You are definitely in for a treat. I liked this book a lot but I didn’t think it was her best (again, I liked it and thought it was wonderful!). You must read her other books! Her debut duology was very interesting (it’s paranormal), but the rest of her books (all contemporary) are so wonderful. I’m not sure I really have a favorite but I loved P.S. I Like You and The Fill-In Boyfriend. And On the Fence. And the Distance Between Us… basically all of them. 😀 I really hope you read and enjoy more West books! I’m dying for Lucky in Love!

    Have a wonderful week, Helena. =)

    P.S. THANK YOU FOR THE SHOUT-OUT!!!!!!! <3333

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


    1. 🤦 🤦 🤦 Girl, I know! how disappointing huh. I actually have her paranormal books (hides)!!! I will totally be reading all her books. I can’t want to read Lucky in Love as well!! Doesn’t it sound fantastic? 😍 😍 😍 I love adorable contemporary read sometimes and West does not disapoint.

      I also hope you don’t mind me shouting you out, I love your swoon posts. 😘😘😘😘😘


    1. Girl, YES! It’s the perfect cute, adorable contemporary read. When you need a break from fantasy. Which to be honest isn’t that often. I would definitely recommend this author. Thank you again for stopping by.
      You’re a blessing xoxo😘😘😘😘


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