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[Blog Tour] First We Were IV by Alexandra Sirowy

Hello, everyone! How have you been?! Welcome to today´s stop for the Blog Tour of First We Were IV by Alexandra Sirowy! We would first like to thank Brittany from BookRambles, Alexandra Sirowy and Simon and Schuster for giving us this amazing opportunity ❤

Our post for today is:

If you were going to invent a secret society, what would its rules be?

I think that rules are very fundamental in order to have a secret society.
It´s important that the members that are part of it follow them in order to have a good environment not only inside the society but outside of it as well. They have to learn how to hang out together and to always respect each other because after all, they’re there for a reason right.
They must have something in common.

The goal of my secret society would be to always fight for the right thing. ❤

Now I´m going to share with you guys the rules of my secret society, and if you want to join let me know ;D We´ll have cookies and cake 😀

I think it´s important that every single member of the society, even those who are in charge never lie because they are giving an example to the rest of the members. That way there wouldn´t be any misunderstandings with each other, it would be a nice environment in which the members wouldn´t be wondering if what others are saying is true.

The point of having a secret society is that it’s a secret ;D
No one should talk about the society with anyone else, there wouldn´t be secrecy anymore and
that´s important in order for the society to work.

The people that belong to the society belong because they have more than one thing in common.
It´s important that they see each other as friends, maybe even as brothers and sisters, so in case someone was in danger, they should be sure that their friends will always be there to protect them.

To have a good environment inside the society it´s fundamental to respect everyone no matter their rank inside the society.

All the members should be able to tell what they know to the rest of the society.
If they ever came across important information or news they should tell the others; It´s important to have communication inside the society.

I think this rule is important in order for the society to maintain its secrecy.
Only those with a high rank should be able to recruit other members that they think could be good for the society, for example like following the rules. If everyone were able to recruit other people, I feel like everything would go out of control.

Because if they do, they will be rewarded with cookies 😀 *LOL* for real guys, who doesn’t like cookies?!?!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It was so fun to share all these with you, let us know what you think in the comments below! Also, scroll down for a chance to win an ARC of First We Were IV by Alexandra Sirowy and to see the next stops!

Tour Schedule:

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March 28: YA and Wine – Most Mischievous YA Characters
March 29: Rattle the Pages – Nail Art
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Week 2
April 3: Emily Reads Everything – Fancast
April 4: The Eater of Books – History of Secret Societies
April 5: It Starts At Midnight – Author Guest Post: FIRST WE WERE IV vs. Alexandra’s Previous Books
April 6: BookCatPin – Mystery YA List
April 7: A Book and a Cup of Coffee – Moodboard

Week 3
April 10: The Book Buzz – YA Thrillers You Need to Know About
April 11: The Candid Cover – Bookworm Initiation Quiz
April 12: Girl in the Pages – Book Recs for First We Were IV Characters
April 13: Stories and Sweeties – Author Guest Post – Story Behind the Title
April 14: Little Lillie Reads – Playlist

Week 4
April 17: Literary Legionnaire – Favorite Quotes
April 18: Chapter by Chapter – Author Guest Post: Secret Society Initiation Rituals
April 19: Tales of the Ravenous Reader – Secret Societies You Never Knew Existed
April 20: YA Book Central – Author Guest Post: 3 Favorite Books About Secret Societies
April 21: The Bookish Feels – Author’s March Favorites

Week 5
April 24: Waiting For Wentworth – Author Guest Post: Secret Society Rules
April 25: The Reader and the Chef – Book Inspired-Recipe
April 26: Forever Lost in Literature – Author Guest Post: What We Do For Friendship
April 27: Flying Through Fiction – Favorite YA Friendships
April 28: One Way or an Author – Phone Wallpapers


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