Why read feminism fantasy books?


Why is this book a must read? Another YA female empowerment? Really? Ummm, YES, REALLY! Because we need books like these, more strong-willed heroine storiesImage result for feminism gif

I want every girl, every woman, and man to read female empowerment books. And if it has to be fantasy fiction, let’s start with A. C. Gaughen. Ms. Gaughen Scarlet series is a poetic and transcendent story with a voice and writing style, exclusively to this author alone.This beloved Historical romance tale is a retelling of a female Robin Hood. Scarlet is a courageous story that is full of passion and sorrows at numerous turns throughout this entire series. This badass heroine is a powerful, intriguing female that teaches us, that no matter what, we can accomplish anything. And this is the lesson that I look for in books, this is the books that we need more of, to teach others that we too can.Image result for feminism gif

I want everyone to become empowered and learn that we woman are enough and that we can do anything, as well as anyone.  I want every mother and father to teach their daughters and sons, their friends the meaning of feminism and teach them that they can coexist together and accomplish anything if they put their mind and will to it. We are equals.

Image result for feminism gif

Therefore, I know that this book will be ANOTHER kickass tale. Ms. Gaughen does not disappoint and I  cannot wait for Reign the Earth I know without a doubt in my mind that this story will be an epic story. This isn’t the only empowering book on feminism, there are many out there. But this author is unquestionably a great place to start with.

Image result for feminism gif

RT Books has revealed an amazing excerpt: A.C. GAUGHEN’S REIGN THE EARTH Don’t miss out, make sure to read it and praise Ms. Gaughen.

Have you read the Scarlet series? Have you come across  Reign the Earth? Let us know below, we would love to hear from you.



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