Review: Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson

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How are you lovelies? We hope you are having a fantastic week!!! How may books have you read this whole month? We wish tons and also hope they were all AMAZING! Today we have for you a review. Hope you enjoy it!

Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson


Well, wasn’t that unexpected….

The beginning of this book was a bit slow. It wasn’t super engaging. It was, however, the world that grabbed me, the world in this book is set up in a way that is clear to jump into. Sometimes fantasy plots can get over complicated and dump a whole bunch of information, which eventually turns me off. It did take me a bit to get into it but in the end!


When it grabbed me, it grabbed me!!! OMG, it was great.
Sometimes you have to be patient to get to the good parts and this book was definitely one. Dark Breaks the Dawn is filled with compelling magic! With the good trying to protect its people from the bad.
There may be a possibility of a romance triangle. I know not many like that sort of thing. So a heads up on that.

The characters were great!
Evalyn is a competent, strong girl who places her family duties above all else. I am in admiration with each and every character in this story. Though I may be leaning more towards the bad side! HAHA
What can I say? My heart hurts for the bad boy with a hard life.


I really liked this book. It wasn’t a drop dead, out of this world story. But it was enjoyable and a quick read. Which I will be talking about with my students. They love fantasy and this book is the perfect story.

Have you guys read this book yet? If you did, did you like it? Tell us below and we’ll make sure to comment.

5 thoughts on “Review: Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson

  1. I liked this book, and I can totally see how this is a prequel like story to Swan Lake. I didn’t mind the early pacing, but I agree, once we were in the heart of the story, it just took off at quite a brisk pace. I fell in love with Tanvir and my heart was pretty broken at the end.
    Sam @ WLABB


  2. It’s so cool you talk to your students about what you read! I wish I could do that with my sisters haha.

    I feel exactly the same way about this book. I almost DNFed it. I stuck through the beginning and ended up really liking the end. And I’m so rooting for the bad guy too LOL. He’s just got this charm to him XD I really wonder how the next book will go about with the romance…


  3. Hm, this sounds interesting! I’ll have to give it some thought before deciding when to pick it up – it sounds like it might no t be exactly what I’m expecting, either. great review!


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