Review: Internet Famous by Danika Stone

Hello lovely people 👋💖 How are you? How have you been? What are you reading?
TELL ME EVERYTHING LOL I would love to chat with you guys!

I feel like it´s been forever!
You don’t have an idea of how happy I am right now! Why? Because after I finished reading Warcross by Marie Lu,  TWO WEEKS AGO btw,  I wasn’t able to pick a book and actually finish reading it…*Gasp* I know, I know🙊 🙉 I felt awful, because believe me, I really wanted to read something, but nothing catched by attention ☹️ BUT GUESS WHAT I FINALLY READ A BOOK!
😏😃🙌💓 💗 💖

Internet Famous was a very cute book. I wanted to read it because well the synopsis made it sound cute and it was about a blogger like us! When I started to read this book I noticed two things:
1) Emojis.

2) And cute images!

I also noticed that the text was a tiny bit small which I have to admit made me feel a little overwhelmed 😨BUT while I was reading the book I totally forgot about it! I was too focused on the story that I completely forgot that 😅 😂 🤣 Once I started to read it I couldn´t put the book down, I actually read more than 60% in a day, it was very interesting. The story was about Madi Nakama, a very popular blogger that soon finds herself being attacked by a Troll. The comments that person left on her blog were very offensive and mean… It was a very clear example of what happens sometimes in the blogging community. Madi felt angry, and blocked the person but he still came back. Her friends on Twitter and from her blog defended her a lot, I really liked how the author showed both sides of the internet, the mean and the good. The good part was how her readers and Twitter friends where always there for her, always defending her no matter what, it was something that meant a lot to Madi. And guess what, there´s a certain cute guy, who loves comics, that happens to be French, is studying in NY and is a big fan of her blog💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖…. Laurent stole my heart❤️ He was a very cute, humble and protective guy, and let´s not forget how talented he is too, he loves taking pictures ❤ I really liked no, I LOVED, how they met! It was very VERY funny 😂 🤣 He was so supporting and as I said he stole my heart *adds him to the bookoyfriend list*

Why did I gave this book 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️?
Well, the first reason was because Madi though she wasn´t extraordinary, she felt plain and she couldn´t believe someone like Laurent was actually with her. But he never made her feel that way, on the contrary, he was always saying cute and swoony things to her, sometimes in English sometimes in French 😆 He was very romantic ❤

The other reason was because I didn´t like how her mother left them at the beginning of the book because of work. Madi was angry at her because she did that before and I was kind of lost there, I would have liked to read more about that. But anyways, her mother left them to go to Europe, but don´t get me wrong that´s AMAZING. But  Madi´s sister Sarah doesn´t like changes, and her mother still left… But I liked how she kept in contact with them. She Skyped with them sometimes and called every now and then to see how things were. She texted Madi a lot too 🙂 And I enjoyed how she and her husband finally supported Madi at the end.

My favorite characters were definitely Madi, Laurent and Sarah! Sarah is an amazing person, super intelligent and the best gammer ever! I really like how she focused on movies whenever Madi was doing a rewatch for her blog🎬 And she helped and supported her sister when she needed her help to find the Troll. She was funny too!

This was a very cute, swoonish book about friendship, family and love. It was a very fast read for me and I enjoyed it! I hope you guys like this review! Have you read the book yet? Or are you planning to read it?
Let me know in the comments below!

Rebeca xoxo

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