Review: Follow Me Back by A.V Geiger

Hello lovely & wonderful people 👋☺️ 😊
How have you guys been? I hope you are all having an amazing and wonderful week! My week has been great, I went to the movies and saw Wonder Woman again for the third time 🙌🙌🙌 It´s an amazing movie! Have you see it?! If not you totally need to change that!

Today I´m going to share my thoughts about an amazing book that I recently read, it´s called Follow Me Back by A.V Geiger and guys please trust me when I say that you need this book in your life🙌 IT WAS A M A Z I N G ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I´m so happy that I finally got a chance to read it! When I first read the synopsis of the book I was completely intrigued… and scared 😱 😨 😰

The cover is amazing and I think it totally fits the mood of the book & after reading it, I think the girl on the cover is one of the MC´s of the book, Tessa, better known as @TessaHeartsEric on Twitter.
She has agoraphobia and spends her days inside her room after something that happened to her in New Orleans… 😰🙊 Ever since she came back, she hasn’t´t been able to leave her room and cannot stand strangers looking at her.
Tessa LOVES Eric Thorne, he´s a pop singer and her phone is full of his pictures. She follows him on Twitter and has his notifications ON to let her know when he posts a Tweet. At the beginning she didn´t have a lot of followers but then everything changed when she wrote a story about Eric Thorne called Obsessed, one of the most popular fan accounts follow her back and soon she had thousand and thousands of fans following her. People started to use #EricThornObsessed because of her. And well, you might think how nice! It is amazing for Tessa but not to Eric, he actually kind of hates his fans, so much that he creates a fake account, @EricThornSucks.

When I started the book I couldn´t put it down. I was actually intrigued with the fact that Eric hated his fans, but everything happened because another singer was killed by one of his fans. He started to DM Tessa from his fake account and while at the beginning he was VERY mean to her, he was surprised at how Tessa (one of his biggest fans EVER) answered him back.
They had a lot of things in common and I was happy for them actually! I was glad they could finally express how they really felt about their lives. Little bit Little, Eric couldn´t wait to chat with Tessa.  But Tessa didn’t actually knew it was Eric and I was like “TELL HER ALREADY ERIC” almost the entire time  😅 😂

While this story was funny and sometimes swoony because of their messages, things changed big time.


HOW?!?! WHY?!?! WHEN?!?!
I really liked how the story was told. It was told from Tessa and Eric´s POV but there were some police transcripts that made this book even more scary… I was shocked and to be honest I still am, that ending… I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT TO HAPPEN! Why didn´t I see it coming?!

This was very quick read for me. I finished this book in TWO DAYS, it was THAT good, I just needed to know what was going to happen! Eric was such an amazing guy, I know he hated his fans but it was mostly because he was scared of their obsession, at the end he kind of ends up saving the day… 😨🙌

Have you guys read this book? Let me know of you like it or if you are planning to read it! Cannot wait to hear your thoughts,

Rebeca xoxo

4 thoughts on “Review: Follow Me Back by A.V Geiger

  1. This book has such an interesting premise! It doesn’t like anything I usually read, haha, but I’m very intrigued! The cover looks pretty neat, also! I’ll be sure to keep my out for this one – great review!


  2. I won this book from a blog giveaway…it just came in the mail today. Can’t wait to read it! Maybe this weekend if I can finish the other 3 I’ve started.


  3. We’ve already chatted about this one a bit, but I loved it. It totally kept me on the edge of my seat, and that ending just about killed me. I didn’t go on Twitter for a solid 24 hours after reading that book. You know something freaked me out if it can keep me off Twitter. LOL. Great review, love!


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