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[Blog Tour] Author Interview + Giveaway for Warcross by Marie Lu

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 Hi, lovelies!!! Hope you’re all having a lovely day. Today we have the pleasure of being a part of Miss. Marie Lu blog tour!! WOOT WOOT! We’re super excited about our stop today. We had the pleasure of interviewing Miss. Lu and let’s just say that we got some juicy details about the next Warcross sequel and also upcoming books.
We hope you enjoy this outstanding interview and enjoy the amazing giveaway that Penguin has so kindly provide for your lovelies.
  • BooknerdAddicts: Welcome Miss. Marie Lu! Thank you so much for giving us the time for this amazing interview, today. It’s  an honor and pleasure to have you visit The Life of a Booknerd Addict blog. We’re huge fans ❤️ of ALL your books and would love to get to know you a little bit. So tell us about yourself, and how you became a writer?
Marie Lu: Thank you for having me fellow Booknerdaddicts. I started writing really young, when I was five or so, just to entertain myself and pass the time! It became one of my favorite hobbies. I wrote a lot of fanfiction: Redwall, Harry Potter, video games, etc….and then wrote four unpublished manuscripts through high school and college before I wrote Legend.
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  • BooknerdAddicts: That is impressive!🙊 We certainly wouldn’t mind reading some of your fanfiction, especially the Harry Potter fanfiction. Which makes us wonder. How did you come up with the idea of Warcross?
Marie Lu: Back when I was writing the Legend series, I did some worldbuilding on a futuristic Antarctican society that was completely gameified. Although that society makes an appearance in Champion, I never got to expand on it as much as I wanted to. That, plus the fact that I worked in the video game industry before becoming a full-time writer, meant that I always knew I’d want to write a series revolving around a game.
  • BooknerdAddicts: That is certainly mindblowing. We are so enthusiastically happy that you got to expand on that world built in Warcross. 😍Did your experience in gaming influence Warcross?
Marie Lu: Oh yes, tons! There are little anecdotes sprinkled throughout Warcross that I took from my time with inspiring colleagues in the gaming world. Working in games was one of the most fun times I ever had in my life; I wanted to infuse Warcross with the same emotional fun I remember.
  • BooknerdAddicts: We certainly see certain aspects of the gaming world in Warcross. 😁Which must have been exhilarating, and be entertaining to write, which leads us to ask you. What came first the plot, the characters or the setting? Was it difficult to integrate all these three?
Marie Lu: Emika came first, I think, and after her came the setting itself. It wasn’t difficult for me to integrate everything, although the challenge came in trying to make sure the cast all belonged in the story and had a reason to be in it. I ended up deleting a few characters who were originally prominent.
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  • BooknerdAddicts: That is surely impressive!😮 We adore the whole cast, we feel that every single character fits in Warcross. We can’t wait to read further about each and every single individual. Plus that compels us to ask you. How was the writing process for Warcross? 
Marie Lu: I tend to be more of a “pantser” (a writer who doesn’t outline and ‘writes by the seat of their pants’) than a plotter, and that was the case with Warcross, too. I tend to do about 70% of my worldbuilding and all of my characters’ profiles before I start writing my first draft. Once I do, I will figure out the rest of my worldbuilding in the drafting process, as well as flesh out my characters and their motivations.
  • BooknerdAddicts:  That’s notably interesting that you tend to write about worldbuilding and characters before your first draft.🤔 Which points us to inquire, what other advice would you give to us aspiring authors for when we hopefully become debut authors?
Marie Lu: Don’t be afraid to write something bad. It’s much more important for you to have a finished first draft than a perfect one. No professional writer, myself included, writes a good first draft–all the magic happens in revisions. Writing is rewriting, and you have to give yourself something to work with before you can make it better.
  • BooknerdAddicts: That is positively great advice for us inspiring authors.❤️ What is your personal favorite place to write?
Marie Lu: At home, at my cheerful dining table or my office desk, with my pups snoozing under my feet.
  • BooknerdAddicts: That appears to be a prime favorite, particularly having your pup with you.😍 What kind of music did you listen to while writing Warcross?
Marie Lu: A lot of game and movie soundtracks (TRON, Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, etc). I can’t listen to music with lyrics when I drafting because it distracts me too much.
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  • BooknerdAddicts: We also prefer game and movie soundtracks. It seems to set the perfect mood for when reading as well. After reading Warcross we have a “small hint” 😁 that you love video games! Which is your favorite?
Marie Lu: I do love games! I don’t get to play nearly as many anymore, but a few recent favorites are: Inside (by Playdead Games), Monument Valley (ustwo Games), and, most recently, Hellblade (Ninja Theory).
  • BooknerdAddicts: We barely have time ourselves. So many books to read and so many characters to get to know. Which leads us to ask you. Which character from the book Warcross do you most relate to?
Marie Lu: Emika Chen. Many of her strengths are modeled off my mother, who is a software developer, and her quirks are modeled off of myself. I wanted her to be both my self-insert character and my wish fulfillment character–someone I could aspire to be more like.
  • BooknerdAddicts: That is beautifully incredible. We believe that Emika is a wonderful representation that the YA community needs. Which shows incredible strength and determination. Us talking about characters makes us question. If you could pick characters from Legend and The Young Elites to make a team to play in Warcross who would you pick and what roles would they play?😮
Marie Lu: I love this! Hmm…. June would make a fantastic Captain, while Day could be the Shield. Enzo could be the Fighter, and Magiano a great Thief. Raffaele would be a talented Architect, I think. (I’d put Adelina on the team, except I imagine she might get a little unreliable in her power-hungry way….)
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  • BooknerdAddicts: That would positively be a kickass team. We would undoubtedly see such show if the Warcross TV game was a reality.😃 What projects are you currently working as of now? 
Marie Lu: I just turned in the first draft for the Warcross sequel, and put the final touches on Batman: Nightwalker, my Batman YA novel coming out January 2nd, 2018. After that, I’m working on my standalone historical fantasy, The Kingdom of Back (2019).
  • BooknerdAddicts: We’re enthusiastically passionate about everything that you, Miss. Marie Lu publishes. Which leads us to be unquestionably excited for Batman: Nightwalker (out January 2nd) and The Kingdom of Back (out sometime in 2019). 😍Which directs us to inquire. What can we expect from the sequel of Warcross?
Marie Lu: It’s the darker of the two Warcross books, that’s for sure! Emika returns to face murky waters, and most of the cast will feature fairly prominently, too. I hope you’ll all enjoy it!
  • BooknerdAddict: Thank you so much for this amazing interview Miss. Marie Lu! We can’t wait for the upcoming Warcross sequel but also Batman: Nightwalker (out January 2nd) and The Kingdom of Back (out sometime in 2019). 😃

That was such an awesome interview!! Don’t you think? Did you get the juicy details on Warcross? You are definitely welcome!😘

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We hope you enjoy Miss. Lu’s interview today. Just below are the pre-order information and a kickass GIVEAWAY provided by the lovely people at Penguin.


Don’t miss the chance to receive an exclusive short story! If you’re a fan of Marie’s LEGEND trilogy you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Submit your receipt here —> to receive Life After Legend (which, you know, EVERYONE should get, and if you haven’t read the Legend books yet, I mean, ya’ll go do that right now!


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8 thoughts on “[Blog Tour] Author Interview + Giveaway for Warcross by Marie Lu

  1. What an awesome review. I’m working on my own stories which are numbers 3 and 4 and I’m just like ugh these are terrible so this is definitely good to hear I’m not alone. I still want to read this book and think I’ll enjoy it, but I heard other gamers took some issue with the game mechanics in this book. I still want to see for myself.


  2. Ooh, great interview! I loved reading Marie Lu’s responses– I really didn’t know all that much about her personally, but this totally made me love her! Can’t wait to finally check this one for myself, I’ve heard so much about it. Great post! 🙂


  3. “How stoked are you for Marie Lu’s WARCROSS? Share your excitement on one of the blog posts that are part of the Warcross blog tour!” I am stoked! Very stoked!


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