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Blog Tour “Picture Us In The Light” by Kelly Loy Gilbert – Q&A and Giveaway!

Hello lovely people❤
I hope you are all having an amazing and wonderful day❤  First I would like to thank all the amazing and incredible bloggers for wanting to be part of this amazing Blog Tour, it means the world to me❤

 Thank you so much for stopping by today! For today’s Blog Tour stop, I’m going to share with you my interview with Kelly Loy Gilbert😊📚


What inspired you to write Picture Us In The Light?

Growing up I never got to read stories that felt like they could’ve been about me or the people I grew up with, and I wanted to set a book in my hometown (Cupertino, CA) and all the pressure, stress and culture that came with it.  I’m also endlessly interested in exploring family relationships and family secrets, and PICTURE US was born from that.

What music did you listen to while writing?

For probably a good three to four months I listened to Moana’s “Where You Are” on loop.  Aside from that, a lot of 90s alt-rock.

How did you deal with writers block while writing this book?

I had about two years’ worth of writers block, and I think all you can do is keep going and trust that someday–someday!!–it will lift.

Do you have any writing rituals?

I have small children I spend my days with, so usually I write late at night once they’ve gone to sleep.

Can you tell us 5 fun facts of writing about Danny Cheng?

1) he attends the same high school I did in Cupertino, CA

2) he’s deeply loyal, which I think most of my main characters are

3) he often doesn’t say what’s on his mind and yet is brutally honest with himself

4) he’s in love with his best friend, Harry Wong

5) I am not at all an artist, so to write about his art I did a ton of (extremely fun) art research

If Danny could be friends with other YA characters who would they be?

(I LOVE THIS QUESTION!!) I think he’d be buds with Simon Speier, because who wouldn’t, and I think he’d get along really well with Cullen Witter from WHERE THINGS COME BACK–they could talk about life together–and Noah from THE STRANGE FASCINATIONS OF NOAH HYPNOTIK–they could bond over weird family secrets and life suddenly turning upside down. And I think he’d have some things in common with Bunny in AFTER THE SHOT DROPS–some of the questions of leaving everything you know, feeling you’re abandoning where you came from–and Kiko in STARFISH, who’s also an Asian American artist.

Did you always know Danny’s passion would be art?

I originally planned to have him be a street artist, actually, and then the idea of him focusing primarily on portraits came in later drafts.

Do you have any advices for aspiring writers?

Don’t give up on the story that’s in your heart, even if it takes so many other stories before you think you’re ready for it.

What things in common do you have with Danny?

I think we’re both obsessed with connections between people, both love our hometowns, and both have massive impostor syndrome.

 I hope you guys enjoyed  the interview, I loved Kelly’s answers!🙌❤ Picture Us In The Light is an amazing book and I really can’t wait for you guys to read it😊

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Author Biography

Kelly Loy Gilbert believes deeply in the power of stories to illuminate a shared humanity and give voice to complex, broken people. She is the author of Conviction, a William C. Morris Award finalist, and lives in the SF Bay Area. She would be thrilled to hear from you on Twitter @KellyLoyGilbert or at



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