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The unspeakable truth about the Cruel Prince by Holly Black

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So here I am, a year later and still madly thinking about The Cruel Prince by Holly Black! I cannot bear the suspense anymore more! I require more of Jude and omg… Cardan, I definitely demand more of Cardan! However, as much as I ship these two, there’s so much more to The Cruel Prince! This book is astonishingly full of great characters, twist, and turns. And I just need to let it all out and tell you to please pick this book up. If you haven’t had the change to read this thrilling book, here are some significant examples of why you must.

  • The main character is a total badass. Who fights for her right to belong and isn’t scared to tell a fae off.😂
  • This book was a page-turner. Literally. 😍
  • This story is full of backstabbing, lying, manipulative characters. When you think you figured it’s out…🔪
  • There are so many hidden secrets throughout The Cruel Prince. This story is a crazy thrilling and mysterious ride.🎢
  • This book is both romantic and wicked but also completely full of tension, and action!😱

From the first sentence, the first wordsThe Cruel Princewill grab you and not let go, not even for a single second. Ms. Holly Black’s writing is positively astounding and absolutely compelling. For a whole year, I have been pondering about this great story and questioning. What can possibly top The Cruel Prince? Can Ms. Holly Blackbe capable of captivating us again? And without a doubt, I know Ms. Holly Black will take us for another exceptional journey. 

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And I cannot wait! I am ready, as I’ll ever be for The Wicked King. The only thing holding me back is time because the sequel is publishing on January 8th, 2019💔😭

Have you read The Cruel Prince? Did you like it, love it, or hate it? Have you read anything by Ms. Holly Black? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you all have a lovely day.


17 thoughts on “The unspeakable truth about the Cruel Prince by Holly Black

  1. I want to read this, I read like the first few pages at Barnes & Noble, just on a lark, and was hooked! Very readable. Plus cool fae stuff. I do need to get it…


  2. I haven’t read anything by Holly Black, but I’ve read a lot of reviews for The Cruel Prince and they’re all praising the book. 🙂 Nice review!


    1. You sure do, her stories are amazing! If you love The Cruel Prince, you will love her other works. Hope we both get to read The Wicked King soonish and hope it’s everything we are looking forward too.💖


  3. I’ve been thinking about The Cruel Prince too and knowing that there are ARCs for The Wicked King is making the wait even harder! I need so much more Cardan, I need his full redemption arc and I need to protect him from EVERYONE. Have you seen the no-context quotes that The Novl has been dropping?


  4. I have wanted to read this book ever since I laid eyes on its beautiful cover! Holly Black is one of those authors that has been on my TBR and I have never read any of her books yet. I really need to fix that. I am so glad that you loved this one! 🙂


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