An amazing story from beginning to end📚 Beyond A Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake

Hello lovely people I hope you are all having an amazing and wonderful day😊
How have you guys been? What are you reading? Please let me know in the comments below, I always love to find more books to read, I’m sure my TBR rolled its eyes at me but what can I do?!?🤷🏻‍♀️😅😂

Beyond A Darkened Shore is one of my favorite books that I have read this year. It’s full of action, adventures, mythology and romance.🙌

When I first heard about this book a while ago I immediately added it to my TBR. I fell in love with the cover and after reading the synopsis I was super intrigued, I just loved the premise of the story and after reading the book I can say that it lived up to my expectations!

When I started to read Beyond A Darkened Shore I wasn’t able to stop reading. I actually read more than 50% of the book in a day – THAT GOOD 🙌 – and I’m pretty sure I would have finished it in the same day but to be honest, I wasn’t ready to finish it! I just LOVED the story, PLUS it’s a standalone and I was terrified and excited for the ending!

The MC of this book is Ciara, Princess of Mide. She is an amazing and powerful warrior who has the incredible ability of being able to control the minds of her enemies in battle! But her abilities come with a great price… Almost everyone she knows fears her. She sometimes feels lonely and excluded from the rest of her people, including her family, and so she feels better with the drill of war and knowing that her ability can save those who she loves the most, her sisters and her people.

Then a crow tells Ciara about a war that is coming and that the only way for her to be able to win and safe those she loves the most, she will have to join forces with her enemy Leif, a Northman…. A lot of things happened when these two met, they hated each other and little by little they realizes how many things they in common they had! I loved the relationship between Ciara and Leif! This was a hate- to-love relationship, my favorite trope in books, and so I really enjoyed to read about their adventures and when they mocked each other, IT WAS FUNNY and SWOONY.

This book was amazing from beginning to end. The characters, specially Ciara, kept surprising me till the very end of the book. She proved to be someone who would do anything to protect her people, she learned how to master her powers and fought against lots of powerful creatures. Even thought she sometimes felt like she didn’t belong, she composed herself and kept fighting, she wanted to avenge those she’d lost.

Beyond A Darkened Shore was an amazing story from beginning to end and it has characters that will surprise you when you least expect it.

Have you guys read this book? Are you planning to read it? Please let me know in the comments below😊

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