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A heartbreaking and hopeful book, The Leading Edge of Now by Marci Lyn Curtis

When I first saw the cover of The Leading Edge of Now I thought it was beautiful, after reading the synopsis I realized that it would be an emotional read❤️
Later I was asked if I wanted to be part of the ARC tour and I immediately said yes. I really wanted to read this story and I wanted to know what happened to Grace!

Grace struggled with her past, including the loss of her father. Now, coming back to her uncle’s house after he abandoned her for two years in foster care, she’s facing her present with seeing her friends again who she never called again when she left. There were so many beautiful memories she had with them and with their family, but there was one memory that has been haunting her every since she left.

I was sad to see Grace struggling with all at once. The loss of her father, coming back home and seeing her friends again… It was all too hard for her, but I liked how all of them reached out to one another. Still, the memory of that night didn’t completely let her move forward. And she was shocked to discover that the person she always thought was responsible of what happened to her that night didn’t take advantage of her. But when she discovered who it really was…

The Leading Edge of Now was indeed an emotional read. It was heartbreaking and hopeful, it was a rollercoaster of feelings. There were times when I found myself crying, but there were other times when Grace surprised me. She was a very realist character, with dreams of a better life & hopes. She also made me laugh so many times, she had an incredible personality!

While I read this book I was able to see how Grace little by little overcame her fears. How she became the person I was hoping for her to be. The Leading Edge of Now was a beautiful and fantastic well written story that will make you fall in love with the characters because of how real they are. I can’t wait for you guys to read this story.

Have you guys heard about this book?😊 Are you planning to read it?📚 Please let me know in the comments below!

CW: Sexual abuse, rape

Book Trailer:

Click here, to see the book trailer of The Leading Edge of Now!

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