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Guest Post: Writing Process for The Trinity Forest Series by Jennifer Alsever

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Today I’m eager to share with you a Guest Post from the author Jennifer Alsever, who talks about her writing process for The Trinity Forest series! The books sound amazing and I can’t wait to start reading Ember Burning, I’m intrigued!

Guest Post

The Trinity Forest Series began with a dream. Literally. In my dream I was running through a forest wearing a backpack, but I wasn’t myself. I was someone else. I came to a gate, and met these kids there. After some time, I learned through strange whispers that I could never go home, while the outside world spun on without me. 

Now, my husband hates hearing me retell dreams, asserting that it’s one of most boring things you could ever discuss. But the dream was so real to me, and it left me so shaken that I told my oldest son, then 13, about it. He suggested I turn it into a book. 

While I’ve been a writer all my life, spending the last 24 years as a journalist, writing news stories about business and technology and startups, I had no idea how to go about turning my dream into a novel. 

So I took an online novel writing course on, and learned so much from my classmates and my teacher, author Corey Ann Haydu. Through that class, I built a story around the vague premise of a girl running away from her problems and finding these people and this place that defied time and space and nature and logic. Four characters were drawn from my original dream — Ember, Zoe, Tre and Lilly. 

When I started writing, I knew I’d place my characters into this situation and make things happen. I did this and had a great time, vaguely knowing where the story would go. I pulled out Stephen King’s book, On Writing, which describes how King would place a character into a situation and let them get out of it. The characters came to life and did what they wanted.

Miraculously, as I wrote, that happened to me. My characters just started doing things. On their own. 

While I was writing the early chapters, my son happened to show me a YouTube video about Illuminati conspiracy theories. While I watched the video, I thought, this would be a cool plot line. A combination of my imagination, research into Egyptian mysticism and weird conspiracy websites fueled the story from there, creating a weird body-snatcher-witchcraft line of thinking into my plot. 

I continued to develop this world, and the more I wrote, the more I got to know my characters. And the more I got to know the characters, the more they drove the plot. Haydu, my mentor and a brilliant YA novelist, always encouraged me to take risks, to go further, and so I did. I owe a huge debt to Kate Angelella, my editor, who guided me on choices along the way, helping me rework parts of the story and drive the story forward.

The result is the strange world of Trinity Forest, the Annunaki and Ember’s journey and her own revolution. I grew to know her so well and to love her. The story poured out of me as if I was right there with her, sometimes screaming at her, and at other times cheering her on. Hopefully, if you read the trilogy, you’ll feel the same.  

Thank you so much Jennifer, for sharing your writing process with us today!

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