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Our October wrap-up, from The Life of a Booknerd Addict!


Hi, lovelies! It’s me, Helena, I know! I know! Where have I been? Well, unfortunately, I had a really bad mental health break down. Life’s been really crazy but I’m doing ok now. I got a new medication and a doctor and went on a retreat and everything just to make sure that I’d be alright.

You can say that I freaked out a bit and took all the precautions necessary. It was definitely eye-opening and I learned a lot of about mental health illness but most importantly myself.  The most important thing I learned was that everything will eventually catch up with you. I was lucky enough to listen to myself and go to the doctors. 

It may not mean much but know that I was thinking about all of you. I never knew how much this community really meant to me. Until I wasn’t around, I love everything about it and hope to get back in and talk about amazing books with all of you again. But anywho! I don’t mean to turn this into a sad, emotional post haha. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s talk about all the awesome stuff my co-blogger has been up to this month. Because I obviously wasn’t here😉.



02 book read on October • 02 new reads  • 0 reread  • 0 DNF • 832 pages read

Formats:  • 0 Hardcover  2 Paperbacks  1 E-book • 1 Audio

Source:  • 01 Owned • 0 Borrowed  • 01 ARC 


02 books read on October   • 02 new reads  •  0 reread   • 0 DNF • 720 pages read

Formats:  • 0 Hardcover  02 Paperbacks  0 E-book • 0 Audio 

Source:  • 0 Owned • 0 Borrowed  • 02 ARC 



A Lovely Book – Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

An epic story – Dive Smack by Demetra Brodsky

A wonderful and intriguing story: The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston


Becky’s Book Haul for October!


These are my best posts of the month. I truly didn’t post more than that. I find IG to be great for looking at all the amazing pictures, of beautiful books. But so time-consuming when it comes to taking pictures and let me tell you, messy!😂

After spending some much time setting up, taking pictures, and editing, I am pooped and the last time I want to do is tidyup.

Helena @ Booknerdaddicts

My co-blogger on the other hand has it down. These are her best of October.

Becky @ Booknerdbecky


And that is all for the month of October. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe November. Thank you so much for being a constant visitor and a commentator of this blog. I appreciate all of you and will resume the visiting of your blogs. Leave your links below and I will start by passing by your lovely space. 

25 thoughts on “Our October wrap-up, from The Life of a Booknerd Addict!

  1. Hi Helena! I’m so sorry to hear that you had a bad month, mental health wise, but I am very proud of you for seeking help and hope you’re feeling better now. I’m sending you tons of love and hugs and know that I am always here if you need to chat about anything! xx
    What an incredible book haul for October, Becky! I’m spotting Always Never Yours, which I absolutely LOVED, as well as What If It’s Us!I really want to read Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix as well, it sounds amazing 🙂
    I hope you’ll both have a lovely November ❤


  2. Helena ((Welcome Back Hugs)) Glad you took the time you needed for yourself, and that you are doing better, but I am really glad you are back.

    I totally agree with you about IG. I can set up a very simple picture and it still takes 30+ mins. I have decided I am a better IG viewer than doer.

    I hope the new month treats you well!


  3. Hey Helena! It’s so great to hear from you. I’m sorry you had some mental health issues, but I understand what that’s like. I’m glad that you went to the doctor and figured out what would work for you to make you feel better!! I do love IG, and I want to do more bookstagram type of photos, but some people are just wildly more creative than me. LOL



    1. Hey Lauren, Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it. I love IG as well, there are so many people with great creativity. I’ve seen simple pictures, where you simply lay a book on your bed and it turns amazing. The key is lighting from what I’ve seen. Sometimes the simplest photos are the best in my opinion.😘


  4. Glad you’re back, and yay for taking the time you needed! Good for you. 🙂

    Slayer and The Lying Woods look awesome, and I liked Broken Things (just read it a couple weeks ago).


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