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November wrap-up, from The Life of a Booknerd Addict!

Welcome to our November wrap-up!😱 I know a lot of people say this but can you believe it’s almost the end of 2018!!! I mean really it went by so fast for us. The only thing that we can do is enjoy it, right? We hope you enjoy our monthly wrap-up today and thank you for visiting us. We appropriate every one of you! 💋




Hi everyone, It’s Helena.🥰 We hope you’re all doing amazing on this wonderful day!

November for us was a bit crazed. Thanksgiving was pretty scary for me and my husband, my mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital during our holiday family gathering and let me tell you it was scary. But I’m so glad to report that she’s doing much better. Unyielding, but doing well.🥰

Otherwise, November flew by. I was looking everywhere in town for a Folk-ed Christmas tree.🎄 Have you seen them? They’re so pretty and seem so realistic with the snow and look so lovely to me. But as my luck would have it, I didn’t find one, but there’s always next year.🥰 


Hello everyone, It’s Rebeca.❤️ I hope you all have an amazing and incredible day! To be honest, I think it’s amazing that the last day of November is on a Friday, December will start this weekend and I can’t wait🎊

 I watched a lot of Christmas movies on Netflix, I have lots of favorites and I can’t wait to watch them again… tomorrow😆 I also watched The Final Table and OMG it’s amazing! So many talented chefs from around the world and lots of delicious dishes 😍 I highly recommend you to watch it!🙌

I also decorated my Christmas tree with my parents and I love it so much😍 I seriously can’t wait for Christmas✨🎄 


This month was a bit slow for me since I was in a huge book slump, for months. But what I did read was actually very enjoyable.
I and Rebeca finally jumped on the TOG train and I have to say that I quite like it, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Books read on November 02  • new reads 02 • pages read 354 Formats: Paperbacks 01   E-book Source: 01 • Owned 02


I read The Lost Sisters by Holly Black and OMG It was good, it was a letter from so so sister to her sister. You don’t have to read it, there isn’t any hidden information or gems but goodnesses gracious please read it!😍 It was a great short story. 


I liked Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas! I’m looking forward to the next installment in this series. I have been able to stay away from all of the Throne of Glass series spoilers. I don’t know how much more I can hold off but I’m freaking trying my hardest.😆

I probably jinxed myself now that I put it out into the Universe.


Books read on November 03 • new reads 02 •  reread 01   • DNF 01 Formats: Paperbacks 01  E-book 02Source:  • Owned 01• ARC 02

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Once-A-King-book-cover--198x300.jpg

Once A King is for sure one of the best YA, Fantasy books I have read this year and I can say with certainty that is definitely one of my new all time favorite books. As soon as I started to read this wonderful story, within the first five pages of the book, I knew I was going to love it. I was immersed into a fantastical world that I didn’t want to leave.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is papergirl_1600-200x300.jpg

Paper Girl is a wonderful well-written story full of hope, friendship and love❤️ This book is about believing in ourselves, follow our dreams and never give up. The characters are amazing, you will laugh when you least expect it and swoon, this is definitely one of my all time favorite books✨



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Helena @ Booknerdaddicts

Unfortunately I didn’t post anything in the month of November. But my co-blooger did a wonderful job. check her out 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Becky @ Booknerdbecky

If you don’t follow Becky over on IG, you definitely should. My beautiful Becky has the most amazing #Bookstagram pictures ever! I mean look at the detail and time she puts into every picture. I’ve seen her grow throughout this year and I can truly say that she is only getting more and more astonishing as time goes by. I can not wait to see what she has for us in 2019!


But all that aside, What did you do this month? How are all of you doing? and of course, what did you read this month?🌟Let us know below!💋

So that is it for the lovely month of November! We are now in December and I can already feel the stress creeping in. I hope you all have a wonderful month and my all your blessings come true. Have a safe and happy Holidays 🎄☃️

7 thoughts on “November wrap-up, from The Life of a Booknerd Addict!

  1. I’m hoping to get Paper Girl for my birthday next Friday, and if not for Christmas. It sounds amazing and I’m happy to read that you loved it.


  2. We watched The Final Table, too! We were obsessed with it and pretty much watched the whole thing in a few days! OMG, Helena, I’m glad your MIL is doing better! How scary!


  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, Helena! I’m glad she’s doing ok ❤️ I really love ToG and thought Lost Sisters was a nice read too, though Cruel Prince is not my favourite.
    I hope you girls have a wonderful December and new year! Great wrap up 😊❤️


  4. Helena – sorry to hear about your MIL, but I am glad to hear she is doing better. ToG is one of my favorite series. I have been putting off the last book, because I am just not ready to leave that world.

    Rebeca – I am a Hallmarkie when it comes to Christmas movies, though, I have contemplated watching a few of those Netflix ones. I liked Paper Girl. I think I enjoyed Jackson’s story more than Zoe’s, and there was something that kept me from loving it (pacing?), but overall, I enjoyed it.


  5. Helena: I’m glad your mother in law is doing well! That has to have been scary!!

    Rebeca: I need to watch some of the Netflix Christmas movies, but I have been watching a lot of them on Hallmark and Lifetime.



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