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Guest Post: Writing Process for The Trinity Forest Series by Jennifer Alsever

Hello everyone, thank you so much for visiting the blog today❤️ I hope you all have a lovely day😊

Today I’m eager to share with you a Guest Post from the author Jennifer Alsever, who talks about her writing process for The Trinity Forest series! The books sound amazing and I can’t wait to start reading Ember Burning, I’m intrigued!

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The Trinity Forest Series began with a dream. Literally. In my dream I was running through a forest wearing a backpack, but I wasn’t myself. I was someone else. I came to a gate, and met these kids there. After some time, I learned through strange whispers that I could never go home, while the outside world spun on without me. 

Now, my husband hates hearing me retell dreams, asserting that it’s one of most boring things you could ever discuss. But the dream was so real to me, and it left me so shaken that I told my oldest son, then 13, about it. He suggested I turn it into a book. 

While I’ve been a writer all my life, spending the last 24 years as a journalist, writing news stories about business and technology and startups, I had no idea how to go about turning my dream into a novel. 

So I took an online novel writing course on, and learned so much from my classmates and my teacher, author Corey Ann Haydu. Through that class, I built a story around the vague premise of a girl running away from her problems and finding these people and this place that defied time and space and nature and logic. Four characters were drawn from my original dream — Ember, Zoe, Tre and Lilly. 

When I started writing, I knew I’d place my characters into this situation and make things happen. I did this and had a great time, vaguely knowing where the story would go. I pulled out Stephen King’s book, On Writing, which describes how King would place a character into a situation and let them get out of it. The characters came to life and did what they wanted.

Miraculously, as I wrote, that happened to me. My characters just started doing things. On their own. 

While I was writing the early chapters, my son happened to show me a YouTube video about Illuminati conspiracy theories. While I watched the video, I thought, this would be a cool plot line. A combination of my imagination, research into Egyptian mysticism and weird conspiracy websites fueled the story from there, creating a weird body-snatcher-witchcraft line of thinking into my plot. 

I continued to develop this world, and the more I wrote, the more I got to know my characters. And the more I got to know the characters, the more they drove the plot. Haydu, my mentor and a brilliant YA novelist, always encouraged me to take risks, to go further, and so I did. I owe a huge debt to Kate Angelella, my editor, who guided me on choices along the way, helping me rework parts of the story and drive the story forward.

The result is the strange world of Trinity Forest, the Annunaki and Ember’s journey and her own revolution. I grew to know her so well and to love her. The story poured out of me as if I was right there with her, sometimes screaming at her, and at other times cheering her on. Hopefully, if you read the trilogy, you’ll feel the same.  

Thank you so much Jennifer, for sharing your writing process with us today!

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Guest Post: Fun Facts About Kay Donovan from People Like Us by Dana Mele

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing and wonderful day❤❤❤

Thank you guys so much for stoping by today!😃 First I would like to thank you all for joining us last Friday for the #MTMC18 chat that we hosted for People Like Us by Dana Mele! We had the opportunity of meeting the amazing Kay, who is the MC of this amazing book🙌 Dana sent me and Melissa from The Reader and The Chef   10 fun facts about Kay Donovan that I can’t wait to share with you, I will share the first five and you can read the other five at The Reader and The Chef  ❤❤

But first, would you guys like to know bit about People Like Us?😃 I had the opportunity of reading the ARC and let me just tell you that once I started to read it, I wasn’t able to put the book down! It was a very dark, thrilling and twisty book that will surprise your till the very end. Kat was someone that kept surprising me when at least expected it, with her past, with her secrets and with her struggles. She had a dark past that she has been working hard to forget about but everything crumbles down when she gets an email from a girl who died. She created a website in which she left her a scavenger hunt that if Kay doesn’t want anyone else to know about her past she must play. But once she starts to do what the website tells her to do, everything changes.🙌 If you love Pretty Little Liars then you guys should definitely read people like us!


  1.     Her full name is Katherine Regina Donovan, but it never appears in the book. On the back cover you can see an email printout addressed to Katherine Donovan at


  2.      Kay loves fashion, art, and especially costumes.

  3.     If asked, Kay will say she’s a cat person, because she thinks she’s like a cat. Secretive, smart, and selectively friendly. But she’s mostly indifferent to animals because people outlive animals, and she won’t let herself get attached.


  4.     She never tells the same story the same way twice. That would be boring.

  5.     Her favorite drink is grapefruit soda, but she likes anything sweet that fizzes.


#MTMC18 Chat Recap:

If you missed the #MTMC18 chat last week here’s the recap! We will be announcing future #MTMC18 chats soon!🙌❤

If you want to read more fun facts about Kay go visit The Reader and The chef! If you like thrillers I recommend you guys to read this one! It was an amazing read🙌

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Guest Post: Back-to-School Reads by Krysti from Wines and YA

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Hello, lovelies, we hope you are having an amazing day. Today we have the pleasure of inviting the lovely and talented Krysti from Wines and YA blog! To talk about Back to school books everyone should read. We hope you guys love it as much as we did and follow her amazing blog.


Hey, everyone! I’m so excited to be here on the incredible The Life of a BookNerd Addict blog today! Thanks so much to Helena and Becky for having me. Summer has rapidly come to a close, which means it’s time to getting ready for back-to-school season. Grab those textbooks and no. 2 pencils and check out this list of back-to-school reads!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling


Hogwarts is everyone’s favorite fictional school, and it’s definitely the first place I think of when I think of going back to school. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still watching for my owl and acceptance letter to arrive…even if it may need to come with a time turner now.


Looking for Alaska by John Green


The beginning of a school year is always an opportunity for a fresh start, and Pudge certainly makes one for himself when he leaves home for Culver Creek Boarding School, and with his new school comes new friends. High school friendships can be so intense and impactful, which is certainly something readers get to experience right alongside Pudge in Looking for Alaska.

Just Another Girl by Elizabeth Eulberg

This book is one that I truly think should be required reading for all high school students.  Just Another Girl explores the idea that you never know what another person is thinking or what their lives are truly like. Just because someone appears to have a perfect life, doesn’t mean that they do. I also love that this book tackles the girl on girl hate that is so prevalent in high schools and demonstrates how problematic and unfounded it usually is.

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan


In this phenomenal novel, Paul attends a truly special high school where “the cheerleaders ride Harleys, the homecoming queen used to be a guy named Daryl (she now prefers Infinite Darlene and is also the star quarterback), and the gay-straight alliance was formed to help the straight kids learn how to dance.” It’s like a utopia of acceptance and love and definitely my favorite school in contemporary fiction.

Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra

Chasing our dreams and pursuing future careers in fields that we’re passionate about is something we have a unique opportunity to do in high school. When everyone is chasing the same dream though, drama tends to ensue, which it certainly does in the exclusive Manhattan school in Tiny Pretty Things.

What books get you in the mood to head back to school? Also, don’t forget to visit Krysti’s blog.


Krysti is a pairer of wines and YA literature, a literary world adventurer, a book reviewer, book blogger, bookstagrammer, and the co-founder of the COOLEST book club in Utah, YA and Wine! Website | Twitter |  Instagram

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Guest Post: The Best Part Of Being A Book Blogger by YA WEDNESADAYS

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 Hello, lovely people, we hope you guys are having a super amazing day❤️❤️❤️ We invited the lovely and talented girls – Ann-Eliza & Carmen – from YA WEDNESDAYS today to talk about The Best Part of Being A Book Blogger and we loved their post! We hope you guys love it as much as we did.


We’ve got a little secret for you. Our two year blogaversary was earlier this month and we forgot about it until days later.  We should have belatedly written a post about it, but, you know what? Instead of burning the midnight oil to rush a post, we just let it slide, instead. We’re getting together for drinks later this week to put together the details of our fall schedule and commitments. Before we get to work, we’ll toast another year of blogging then eventually get to planning after a little gossip and catch-up on what we’ve been reading. We’ll post about it on Twitter and Instagram and our 2 anniversary will be celebrated on social media.
As you can see, more than producing fun content, our favorite and most important part of being book bloggers is that we get to spend prolonged time together as friends who have so many interests in common. While we’ve known each other decades. We’ve sat by each other and volunteered on boards and art festivals, danced all night at nightclubs, traveled together, and eaten so much popcorn.  However, the older we get, the more we have going on in life and the more we have to sync calendars to see each other.  The blog gives us a reason to get together, which we always jokingly act like it’s horrible while simultaneously packing up wine bottles and cheese to snack on while we meet. From traveling to events together, to long Wine Wednesday brainstorming sessions, book club, and photo shoots, we always laugh through all the work (and don’t let anyone kid you, blogging is hard work whether you post weekly or every day). We decided long ago that we couldn’t do this if we weren’t having fun and we’ve stuck to that philosophy for the past two years.
Our blog hasn’t only elevated and extended our friendship, but it’s become a creative space for us as well. In the many years we’ve known each other, this is the first creative project we’ve ever worked on together.  So whether you see the fashion posts, lists, cocktail recipes, mutual book reviews, cover obsession, know that the genesis of these ideas is from a whirlwind afternoon blog meeting, a night out or a slew of texts in the middle of a workday.  Our blog is truly the creative representation of our friendship and we couldn’t be prouder that the camaraderie we have shows on every page we post.
But it’s not just about us.  We’ve been blessed to befriend so many in the online book community locally and internationally. Neither of us really participated in Book Twitter before the blog, but we quickly learned that it was a place to meet and network with other ya book bloggers.  We’ve met friends from all over the world.  From local bloggers like Fallon (Seeing Double In Neverland) and Morgan (Take Me Away To A Great Read), to friends abroad, like Sarah (The YA Book Traveler), Nancy & Christie (Tales of the Ravenous Reader), Krysti (YA & Wine), Stacee (Adventures of a Book Junkee) and, most recently, Becky & Helena (!!!).  All of our bookish friends have encouraged and helped us, participated in blog tours with us, buddy read and flailed with us.  The enthusiasm and support with which we’ve been met has been unbelievably generous and we count ourselves lucky to be part of a much larger community that embraces newcomers with a vehemence you don’t find much in the outside world.
So, while, yes, there are tangible benefits of blogging.  You have no idea how many times we’ve squealed over book mail. But we’d take never receiving another piece of swag if it didn’t make us happy to blog about books.
~Carmen & Ann-Eliza

YAWednesdays are book besties, Ann-Eliza and Carmen, who began blogging in 2015 after spending several years prior meeting on Wednesdays to discuss their mutual love of YA books in their own personal two-person book club. Nowadays, you can find them on their blog and Twitter reviewing books, making reading lists, and running around the country on bookish adventures. They also Bookstagram and run a monthly book club in Tampa.

You can follow YA WEDNESDAYS ON:


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Guest Post: Favorite Heroines by Sarah from TheYABookTraveler

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Hello lovely people, how are you? Today we invited the amazing Sarah to talk about her favorite literary heroines! We loved her post so much and we can´t wait to hear your thoughts! Be prepared, you will add more books to your TBR ;D


Hi everyone! Thank you so much to Helena and Rebeca for letting me guest post today on their amazing blog! Today I wanted to talk to you about my favorite fictional literary heroines. It was hard narrowing down the list but I decided to pick ladies that have been stand outs in my mind and it’s funny how some of them have similar qualities. I’d love to hear who your favorites are too!

In no particular order:

  1. Allison Sekemoto from The Blood of Eden trilogy by Julie Kagawa. What I loved about Allison is after she became *dun dun dun!* a vampire she struggled with her inner and physical demons. I read this book at a time where I was also having a lot of inner struggles and one of my ultimate favorite quotes is from this series where Kanin, her mentor, tells Allison, “You will always be a monster, there is no turning back from it. But what type of monster you become is entirely up to you.” This resonated with me as Allie had to make many choices to resist giving into the darkness within. We all can overcome.Weapon of choice: Katana

2. Delilah Bard from Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab. Delilah knows who she is, or rather, she knows what she wants. Power. Delilah is someone who has been dealt a tough life but isn’t afraid to take risks. In fact, she LOVES taking risks, it makes her feel alive. Who doesn’t love a character who when sh*t hits the fan, she doesn’t run from it but runs toward it?

Weapon of choice: Her mouth, knives & anything she can get her hands on.


3. Jane Gray from My Lady Jane by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows. Jane is a character many of us can relate to. Why? Because she’s the biggest book nerd out there. She never, EVER, leaves home without a book. At a wedding, reading. At dinner, reading. On vacation, reading. Always reading. Jane is not only a book worm, but she’s also pretty sassy. And also has a great heart and wants to help those less fortunate than her.

Weapon of choice: Knowledge


4. Mia Corvere from Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Mia is an assassin but she’s really so much more than that. She’s on a quest for revenge, has murdered people, but yet still can love and protect those she cares for. I’ve read both Nevernight and Godsgrave and I love her character growth. She’s tough on the outside but radiates through the darkness on the inside.

Weapon of Choice: Blade


5. Nina Zenik from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Nina lights up the room when she enters it. I love loud, over the top personalities who make you want to be their best friend. Nina is charismatic, loving, fun, powerful and just a delight. Many times during this series, Nina captured my heart and made me laugh.

Weapon of choice: Heartrender, Charm


6. Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. Ah Rose, I’d say she was one of my first YA favorites. She’s super snarky (which I LOVE) and also a total bad ass. She will take down the enemy and she will beat up anyone who messes with her friends. Rose is a perfect mix of snark, sexy and fierceness.

Weapon of choice: Silver Stake, Attitude


7. Esther Solar from A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland. Some of you may be wondering, who is Esther Solar? She’s one of my new favorite characters! This book releases September 5, 2017 and I definitely recommend it! What’s special about Esther? Well, Esther’s family has been put under a curse and a way Esther tries to avoid the curse is by always cosplaying wherever she goes. If Death can’t find her, she won’t die of her worst fear. Throughout the book she dresses up as famous women from history, movies, books and more. But what I also loved about Esther is she decide with the help of Jonah, a childhood friend, to face her list of 50 fears and conquer them. She deals with anxiety but she pushes through to face these fears. She loves her family, even though they’re very broken. I loved her!

Weapon of Choice: Cosplaying


Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list, there are MILLIONS of other heroines that are amazing, but there’s are some of my top favorites. Who are yours?



Sarah is an avid reader and blogger who you’ll find enjoying Oreos, making book trailers and chatting books online! Find her and all her info at Traveling to other worlds with a crack of a book.
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Guest Post: Favorite Bookish Playlist by Melissa from TheReaderandThechef

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Hello lovely people, how are you? Today we invited the amazing Melissa to talk about her favorite bookish playlist ! We loved her post so much and we can´t wait to hear your thoughts about the Bookish…

Hello Book Nerd Addicts! I’m super excited to be finally taking over Helena’s and Becky’s book blog (and soon conquering the whole world)!!!

I’ve been planning this takeover for YEARS, I just needed an invite from my unsuspecting lovely friends to finally put my plan into motion. Just don’t tell them yet 😉

Haha, but seriously, huge thanks to Becky for inviting me to The Life of a Book Nerd Addict so I can share with you my bookish playlist! Ever since I became a dedicated YA reader (at age 16!), I’ve been saving songs into a playlist in my old iPod Touch titled Bookish Feels. This playlist consists of all the songs (over 100) that have given me bookish feels (hence the name LOL), from The Iron Fey series to Crooked Kingdom, and I’m happy to share a few of my top favorites from the list with you and why I love them so much.

Halo by Beyonce (Evernight by Claudia Gray)


Evernight is one of the first YA books I read as a teen and while I was reading it, Halo by Beyonce somehow reminded me of Lucas and Bianca. These two characters are one of my favorite bookish couples and their bittersweet ending still breaks my heart!

My Immortal by Evanescense (Twilight by Stephenie Meyer)


I believe most of us Twihards relate My Immortal to Edward and Bella. This song is beautiful and painfully haunting. My teen heart weeps every time.

Blind by Lifehouse (New Moon by Stephenie Meyer)


Lifehouse is my favorite rock band and Blind my all-time favorite song. So when I read New Moon and that thing happens when hearts are broken, I immediately related it to Blind, especially the part where Jason goes “When my love for you was blind, but I couldn’t make you see it, couldn’t make you see it, that I loved you more, than you’ll ever know. A part of me died when I let you go.”

Dreams by The Cranberries (Dark Angels by Karleen Koen)

This song. THIS BOOK. Ugh. It’s not YA but oh my gosh, so incredibly good. Love it so much!!!

The Saltwater Room by Owl City (The Iron King by Julie Kagawa)


This song is a bit too sweet for Ash, but I cannot help thinking of him and Meghan. My second favorite bookish couple ♥♥♥

Dancing by Elisa (Winter’s Passage by Julie Kagawa)


I just can’t help but imagine Ash and Meghan dancing to this song *cries*. This is my favorite song to sing out loud and I hope to dance with my one true love.

Into the Sun by Lifehouse (The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa)

The heartbreaking feels when Ash and Meghan seem to be going in separate ways. *cries*

Anywhere by Evanescence (The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa)

When Ash decides to follow Meghan and sacrifice ANYTHING to be with her. AKHSJDSK
Outside by Staind (The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter)
Ugh, every time I listen to this song I’m reminded of my other love, Henry/Hades from The Goddess Test series. This boy slayed my heart and I think I need to meet with him again soon.

Animal Arithmetic by Jonsi (Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins)

Okay, I’m cheating a bit since this song is from the original bookish playlist. But it’s just SO PERFECT. Stephanie Perkins basically modeled Lola and Cricket and their lives in San Francisco with this song. Every time I visit the city I feel the need to listen to it and I swear I feel as if I will spot them at any second.

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion (Warrior Witch by Danielle L. Jensen)

The ending of Warrior Witch KILLED ME and I found myself singing this song at the top of my lungs, feeling as if I were Cecile singing it to Tristan.

Heart Like Yours by Willamette Stone (If I Stay by Gayle Forman)

This is from the original movie soundtrack and I love it so much. Actually, If I Stay’s movie soundtrack is my favorite and you should all listen to it.

Spirit Cold by Tall Heights (Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo)

ALL. THE. KAZ/INEJ. FEELS. My current song obsession (for more than 5 months!) and I CANNOT HANDLE MY EMOTIONS. Listen to this song and weep with me.
“How do I wake my spirit cold?
Most people die but others just go
She’s still out there and the chasm grows
Steady are the feet in the morning glow
It’s too damn perfect and I need a SoC fanmade video with this song please.

And those are my top favorites! If you want to listen to all these songs without interruption, here’s my playlist on Youtube. Thanks so much for reading/listening and again big thanks to Becky & Helena for having me!

Melissa is a YA book blogger, bookstagrammer, and a Slytherin living in Mexico. Her favorite genres are fantasy, contemporary, historical, and basically all things YA with a hint of romance. When she’s not reading, Melissa loves to sing out loud, eat sweets, and take lots of bookish photos. You can find her on her blog, The Reader and the Chef, on YA Books Central as the Instagram Manager, and contributing posts on Kate Tilton, Connecting Authors & Readers.