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Blog Tour: El Verano de Las Supernovas – Darcy Woods

Hello everyone I hope you all have an amazing and wonderful day❤️
Today I’m eager to be part of El Verano de Las Supernovas Blog Tour hosted by MTMC TOURS. I’ll be sharing my Spanish review for this amazing book and if you want to read my original review which I posted awhile ago when I first read Summer of Supernovas you can read it here!
If you want to participate to win the Spanish version of this beautiful book be sure to follow the next stops!❤️🌟✨


Hola a todos! Estoy muy emocionada de ser parte de el Blog Tour de El Verano de Las Supernovas de Darcy Woods!🌟

El Verano de las Supernovas es definitivamente uno de mis libros favoritos que he leído y no me canso de recomendarlo una y otra vez❤️ Es romántico, divertido, sobre astrología y hay muchos postres deliciosos que de verdad, mientras leía el libro, me decía a mi misma que tan pronto y terminara de leerlo comería un rol de canela😆

Los personajes de este libro me hicieron reír mucho! Especialmente Wil en el principio del libro, me dio tanta pena y me reí tanto que tenía que parar por lo menos un segundo para volver y continuar leyendo, nunca me había reído tanto en el principio de un libro😆

Tengo que admitir que cuando hay un triangulo amoroso en una historia me pongo nerviosa, me gusta leer sobre dos personas enamorándose y evitar un poco los problemas😆 Per Darcy hizo un gran trabajo con este triangulo amoroso! No puedo decir el nombre de la otra persona por los spoilers pero OMG el también era muy dulce😭

Grant y Wil son perfectos el uno para el otro, sus encuentros fueron divertidos y encantadores, son definitivamente una de mis parejas favoritas sobre las que he leído en libros! 

Darcy es definitivamente una de mis escritoras favoritas! Me hizo reír y llorar en cada pagina que leía, una vez que comencé a leer este libro super que seria especial y tenía razón. Fue el tipo de lectura que me sorprendió muchas veces y que una vez que termine de leerlo me sentí mal al saber que ya no había mas. Si Darcy vuelve a escribir otro libro estoy segura que no voy a dudar en comprarlo❤️ 

Si quieren participar para ganar una copia de El Verano de Las Supernovas solo sigan sigan el tour! En cada foto se encuentra la información para participar❤️


5 DE NOVIEMBRE: @Siilbookishpastrychef

6 DE NOVIEMBRE: @BookNerdBecky




About Darcy Woods:

Young adult author Darcy Woods had three big loves in grade school: Reading, writing, and pizza day. Some things never change. She lives in Michigan with her madly supportive husband, two tuxedo cats (who overdress for everything) and a closet full of neatly organized shoes. SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS is her double RITA® nominated debut YA novel, available from Random House/Crown BFYR.


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Review and Creative Photo for WILDCARD by Marie Lu

Hello lovely people, today I’m hosting a stop for the WILDCARD Blog Tour, which is the sequel to WARCROSS by Marie Lu!🤩🙌


After reading and loving WARCROSS so much I had huge expectations for the second book, specially after reading that ending because OMG I REALLY didn’t see that coming! Once I finished the book, I immediately started to wonder what could possibly happen in the second book because if that happened in the first one, I was sure WILDCARD would have twists that would left me shocked and guess what?! That’s exactly what happened in this book!

As soon as I started to read WILDCARD I was immersed back into the world of WARCROSS with its high technology and of course amazing players who made this game even more interesting!

It was nice to read more about my favorite characters, Emika, Hideo, Asher, Hammie, Roshan and Tremaine! They were all wonderful characters who always supported Emika no matter if they had to risk their lives for it. I liked the fact that Emika let herself be part of something, of a team of people who later became some of the most important people in her life.

Another one of my favorite characters is Zero. I have always been intrigued by his personality and by how mysterious he is. He plays a huge part in this story and I loved how Marie kept surprising me even when I thought nothing else could happen.

WILDCARD has everything I love in a book:

  • Non-stop action, the kind that makes you feel part of the story.
  • Very realistic descriptions that as I was reading the book it was as if I was actually watching a movie.
  • Once I started to read it, I found myself eager to read more pages to see what could possibly happen next. And A LOT of things happened in this book. It was a rollercoaster of epic twists and emotions🙌
  • The romance❤️ Hideo and Emika are perfect for each other😭
  • Lies and treason… 😱😳

WILDCARD is definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year. It was amazing from beginning to end and I honestly can’t wait to get my finished copy and re-read the book😍 As soon as you start to read this book, Marie’s writing style and amazing world-building will make you want to keep reading till the very end. This is definitely a book you won’t want to miss🙌

Creative Photo

Here’s my creative photo! You can also find it on my IG account @BookNerdbecky 😊📚✨


I’m a huge fan of Marie’s books, WARCROSS is in fact one of my all time favorite books and I always find myself recommending it whenever I have a chance. The other day I was at the bookstore admiring the new cover of the WARCROSS PB😍 Isn’t the new cover amazing?🙌 I will also leave the synopsis in case you haven’t read it yet!

For the millions who log in every day, Warcross isn’t just a game–it’s a way of life. The obsession started ten years ago and its fan base now spans the globe, some eager to escape from reality and others hoping to make a profit. Struggling to make ends meet, teenage hacker Emika Chen works as a bounty hunter, tracking down Warcross players who bet on the game illegally. But the bounty-hunting world is a competitive one, and survival has not been easy. Needing to make some quick cash, Emika takes a risk and hacks into the opening game of the international Warcross Championships–only to accidentally glitch herself into the action and become an overnight sensation.

Convinced she’s going to be arrested, Emika is shocked when instead she gets a call from the game’s creator, the elusive young billionaire Hideo Tanaka, with an irresistible offer. He needs a spy on the inside of this year’s tournament in order to uncover a security problem . . . and he wants Emika for the job. With no time to lose, Emika’s whisked off to Tokyo and thrust into a world of fame and fortune that she’s only dreamed of. But soon her investigation uncovers a sinister plot, with major consequences for the entire Warcross empire.

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A heartbreaking and hopeful book, The Leading Edge of Now by Marci Lyn Curtis

When I first saw the cover of The Leading Edge of Now I thought it was beautiful, after reading the synopsis I realized that it would be an emotional read❤️
Later I was asked if I wanted to be part of the ARC tour and I immediately said yes. I really wanted to read this story and I wanted to know what happened to Grace!

Grace struggled with her past, including the loss of her father. Now, coming back to her uncle’s house after he abandoned her for two years in foster care, she’s facing her present with seeing her friends again who she never called again when she left. There were so many beautiful memories she had with them and with their family, but there was one memory that has been haunting her every since she left.

I was sad to see Grace struggling with all at once. The loss of her father, coming back home and seeing her friends again… It was all too hard for her, but I liked how all of them reached out to one another. Still, the memory of that night didn’t completely let her move forward. And she was shocked to discover that the person she always thought was responsible of what happened to her that night didn’t take advantage of her. But when she discovered who it really was…

The Leading Edge of Now was indeed an emotional read. It was heartbreaking and hopeful, it was a rollercoaster of feelings. There were times when I found myself crying, but there were other times when Grace surprised me. She was a very realist character, with dreams of a better life & hopes. She also made me laugh so many times, she had an incredible personality!

While I read this book I was able to see how Grace little by little overcame her fears. How she became the person I was hoping for her to be. The Leading Edge of Now was a beautiful and fantastic well written story that will make you fall in love with the characters because of how real they are. I can’t wait for you guys to read this story.

Have you guys heard about this book?😊 Are you planning to read it?📚 Please let me know in the comments below!

CW: Sexual abuse, rape

Book Trailer:

Click here, to see the book trailer of The Leading Edge of Now!

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One of the best books I have read this year📚👻❤️ Blog Tour: My Plain Jane [ Review & Giveaway]

Hello lovely and wonderful people❤ Thank you so much for stopping by today! I would like to thank THE YA BOOK TRAVELER and BOOKCRUSHIN’ for organizing this amazing blog tour, and of course for giving me the opportunity to be part of it😊❤🙌 Today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts about My Plain Jane ❤


My Plain Jane was everything I expected it to be and more❤

When I first read my Lady Jane I fell in love with the story. It was so unique, funny, swoony and magical that after I finished reading it I wanted to go back and just read it again. And when I saw that there was going to be another book I immediately added it to my TBR, since I LOVED My Lady Jane, I just knew I would love this one and I was right. After reading the synopsis I was eager to read the book!😍🙌❤  Let’s talk about the amazing characters and this amazing story😊

Charlotte is definitely one of my new all time favorite characters. She was a very intelligent person, someone who could always think of a plan if she needed to and who always wrote down everything she could on her notebook. I have to say that after I finished the book, I immediately looked out for my notebook and a pen and just started to write the way Charlotte did. She inspired me to write because she was always there trying to find the perfect story, she was a really remarkable person, and I think it was amazing that we had a chance to read about her!

Jane was a wonderful character that proved to be more than what people actually thought of her. She had an amazing friend… Well two actually, Charlotte and Helen! I can’t wait for you guys to meet Helen, she was someone who was always there for Jane! Jane is a very talented painter and has an amazing ability that she hasn’t told anyone about… She can speak with ghosts😱😉 That was one of my favorite things about this story, SHE CAN SPEAK WITH GHOSTS  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!🙌🙌🙌🙌

And Alexander was amazing too. He was mysterious and intriguing, broody😆 & brave and he definitely made me laugh more than once! I also loved to read about him and Charlotte😍❤

My Plain Jane was an amazing and wonderful book full of adventures, ghosts – LOTS OF GHOSTS👻 -, a haunted mansion😉 and just the right amount of romance😍 ALL THE SWOONS😍 It also has epic and wonderful characters that will make you laugh when you least expect it. I laughed A LOT while reading this book. Another thing that made this book feel extra special was that the authors “talked” to us in the story, I personally think that’s amazing, it made the story feel more special❤I highly recommend you guys to read this book, it was amazing from beginning to end, definitely one of the best books I have read this year…❤

Book Trailer

The amazing and wonderful Sarah, from TheYABookTraveler , made an amazing trailer for My Plain Jane😍🙌 This is definitely one of my all time favorite trailers, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should change that ASAP😊🙌 Click here to see the trailer!


It’s time for a giveaway! You can win a signed copy of My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows. This is giveaway is US only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photo Challenge & Giveaway!

Share a photo or selfie with your copy of My Plain Jane and you could win a custom designed book sleeve, made by Second Hand Pages, a custom Jane Eyre candle from Canterbury Road Co, Jane Eyre (Barnes and Noble Collectible Edition), the Blu-Ray DVD of Jane Eyre, and a My Plain Jane Bookmark! For the photo, you can use your copy, a friends or one from the library. Use the hashtag #MyPlainJaneGiveaway to enter. Open to US only. Ends Sunday, July 8th.

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July 7 – Mary Had a Little Book Blog


About the Authors

We’re the authors of the young adult novels, MY LADY JANE, and MY PLAIN JANE, which is coming in June 2018. Our group is made up of Brodi Ashton (New York Times bestselling author of the EVERNEATH series and DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY), Cynthia Hand (New York Times bestselling author of the UNEARTHLY series, THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE, THE AFTERLIFE OF HOLLY CHASE, and THE HOW AND THE WHY), and Jodi Meadows (New York Times bestselling author of the INCARNATE trilogy, the ORPHAN QUEEN duology, and the FALLEN ISLES trilogy). Between the three of us we’ve written nineteen novels, a bunch of novellas, a handful of short stories, and a couple of really bad poems, but we have the most fun working on our books together. We’re friends. We’re writers. We’re fixing history by rewriting one sad story at a time.


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Blog Tour “Picture Us In The Light” by Kelly Loy Gilbert – Q&A and Giveaway!

Hello lovely people❤
I hope you are all having an amazing and wonderful day❤  First I would like to thank all the amazing and incredible bloggers for wanting to be part of this amazing Blog Tour, it means the world to me❤

 Thank you so much for stopping by today! For today’s Blog Tour stop, I’m going to share with you my interview with Kelly Loy Gilbert😊📚


What inspired you to write Picture Us In The Light?

Growing up I never got to read stories that felt like they could’ve been about me or the people I grew up with, and I wanted to set a book in my hometown (Cupertino, CA) and all the pressure, stress and culture that came with it.  I’m also endlessly interested in exploring family relationships and family secrets, and PICTURE US was born from that.

What music did you listen to while writing?

For probably a good three to four months I listened to Moana’s “Where You Are” on loop.  Aside from that, a lot of 90s alt-rock.

How did you deal with writers block while writing this book?

I had about two years’ worth of writers block, and I think all you can do is keep going and trust that someday–someday!!–it will lift.

Do you have any writing rituals?

I have small children I spend my days with, so usually I write late at night once they’ve gone to sleep.

Can you tell us 5 fun facts of writing about Danny Cheng?

1) he attends the same high school I did in Cupertino, CA

2) he’s deeply loyal, which I think most of my main characters are

3) he often doesn’t say what’s on his mind and yet is brutally honest with himself

4) he’s in love with his best friend, Harry Wong

5) I am not at all an artist, so to write about his art I did a ton of (extremely fun) art research

If Danny could be friends with other YA characters who would they be?

(I LOVE THIS QUESTION!!) I think he’d be buds with Simon Speier, because who wouldn’t, and I think he’d get along really well with Cullen Witter from WHERE THINGS COME BACK–they could talk about life together–and Noah from THE STRANGE FASCINATIONS OF NOAH HYPNOTIK–they could bond over weird family secrets and life suddenly turning upside down. And I think he’d have some things in common with Bunny in AFTER THE SHOT DROPS–some of the questions of leaving everything you know, feeling you’re abandoning where you came from–and Kiko in STARFISH, who’s also an Asian American artist.

Did you always know Danny’s passion would be art?

I originally planned to have him be a street artist, actually, and then the idea of him focusing primarily on portraits came in later drafts.

Do you have any advices for aspiring writers?

Don’t give up on the story that’s in your heart, even if it takes so many other stories before you think you’re ready for it.

What things in common do you have with Danny?

I think we’re both obsessed with connections between people, both love our hometowns, and both have massive impostor syndrome.

 I hope you guys enjoyed  the interview, I loved Kelly’s answers!🙌❤ Picture Us In The Light is an amazing book and I really can’t wait for you guys to read it😊

 Blog Tour


Look at this amazing giveaway!😍😍😍
You could win a HC of Picture Us In The Light by Kelly Loy Gilbert, a beautiful journal, the UNGAME🙌🙌🙌 and Chalk,Glitter!!! Good luck everyone and thank you again for stopping by today as well as for visiting the other amazing blogs who are part of this Blog Tour❤



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author Biography

Kelly Loy Gilbert believes deeply in the power of stories to illuminate a shared humanity and give voice to complex, broken people. She is the author of Conviction, a William C. Morris Award finalist, and lives in the SF Bay Area. She would be thrilled to hear from you on Twitter @KellyLoyGilbert or at



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(Blog Tour) This Heart of Mine by C.C. Hunter

Today, I have the pleasure of being apart of This Heart of Mine Tour. Which is brought to you by the amazing Wednesday Books team, thank you so much for this great opportunity! Today’s stop is an excerpt with a awesome Official Trailer from This Heart of Mine! 

One month earlier April 13th

“You lucky bitch!” I drop back down on my pink bedspread,
phone to ear, knowing Brandy is dancing on cloud nine and I’m
dancing with her. I glance at the door to make sure Mom isn’t
hovering and about to freak over my language. Again.
She isn’t there.
Lately, I can’t seem to control what comes out of my mouth.
Mom blames it on too much daytime who’s-the-baby-daddy
television. She could be right. But hey, a girl’s gotta have some
“Where he’s taking you?” I ask.
“Pablo’s Pizza.” Brandy’s tone lost the oh-God shriek quality.

“Why . . . why don’t you come with us?”
“On your date? Are you freaking nuts?”

“You go to the doctor’s office, you could—”
“No. That’s hell no!” I even hate going to the doctor’s office.
If people stare long enough they see the tube. But this isn’t even
about me. “I’d die before I get between you—”
“Don’t say that!” Brandy’s emotional reprimand rings too
loud. Too painful.
“It’s just a figure of speech,” I say, but in so many ways it’s
not. I’m dying. I’ve accepted that. The people in my life haven’t.
So, for them, I pretend. Or try to.
“But if you—”
“Stop. I’m not going.”
There’s a gulp of silence. That’s when I realize my “lucky
bitch” comment brought on the pity invite. Brandy’s worried I’m
jealous. And okay, maybe I am, a little. But my grandmother used
to say it was okay to see someone in a beautiful red dress and
think, I want a dress like hers. But it wasn’t okay to think, I want a
dress like hers and I want her to have a wart on her nose.
I don’t wish Brandy warts. She’s had the hots for Brian for
years. She deserves Brian.
Do I deserve something besides the lousy card fate dealt to
me? Hell yeah. But what am I going to do? Cry? I tried that. I’ve
moved on.
Now I’ve got my bucket list. And my books.
The books are part of my bucket list. I want to read a hundred. At least a hundred. I started counting after I got out of the
hospital the first time I survived an infection from my arti- ficial
heart. I’m at book twenty-eight now. I won’t mention how many of
them were romance novels.
“Leah,” Brandy starts in again.
The chime of the doorbell has me glancing at the pink clock
on my bedside table.
It’s study time. Algebra. I hate it. But I kind of like hating it.

Because I hated it before I got sick. Hating the same things as
before makes me feel more like the old me.
“Gotta go. Ms. Strong is here.” I bounce my heels on the
bed. The beaks on my Donald Duck slippers bob up and down.
Lately, I’ve been into cartoon-character slippers. They make
my feet look happy. Mom’s bought me three pairs: Mickey,
Donald, and Dumbo.
“But—” Brandy tries again.
“No. But you’re gonna tell me everything. All the sexy
details. How good he kisses. How good he smells. How many
times you catch him staring at your boobs.”
Yep, I’m jealous all right. But I’m not a heartless bitch. Well,
maybe I am. Heartless, really heartless, but not so much a bitch. I
carry an artificial heart around in a backpack. It’s keeping me
“I always tell you everything,” Brandy says.
No, but you used to. I stare up at my whirling polka-dot ceil-
ing fan. Even Brandy’s walking on eggshells, scared she’ll say
something to remind me that I got a raw deal, something that
will make me feel sorry for myself. I’m done doing that. But I
hate hearing that crunch as people tiptoe around the truth.
“Leah.” Mom calls me.
“Gotta go.” I hang up, grab my heart, and get ready to face
I really hate it, but it’s number one on my bucket list—my
last hurrah. Well, not algebra, but graduating high school. And
I don’t want a diploma handed to me. I want to earn it.
I spot Mom standing at the entrance of the dining room
turned to study. She’s rubbing her palms over her hips. A nervous
habit, though I have no idea what’s got her jittery now. I survived

the last infection and the one before that. She hears
my footsteps, looks at me. Her brow puckers—another sign of
serious mama fret.

I stop. Why’s she so nervous? “What?”
“Ms. Strong couldn’t make it.” She rushes off faster than
her hurried words.
I hear someone shuffling in the dining room. I’m leery. Hesitant.

I move in. My Donald Duck slippers skid to a quick stop
when I see the dark-haired boy at the table.
“Shit.” I suck my lips into my mouth in hopes I didn’t say it
loud enough for him to hear.
He grins. He heard me. That smile is as good as the ones I
read about in romance novels. Smiles described as crooked,
mind-stopping, or coming with a melt-me- now quality. I swear
my artificial heart skips two beats.
He’s one of the Kenner twins, either Eric or Matt, the two
hottest boys in school. I used to be able to tell them apart, but
now I’m not sure of anything. If I combed my hair today. If I
brushed my teeth. If I have on a bra?
I close my mouth, run my tongue over my fuzzy-feeling
teeth, trying to quietly suck them clean.
Glancing down, away from his eyes, I rock back and forth
on my heels, my Donald Ducks’ bills rocking with me. Should I
run back to my room? But how pathetic will I look then? And if I
do, he’ll leave. Lifting my gaze, I realize I’m not sure I want him to
go. I kinda like looking at him.

“Hey,” he says.
“Hey,” I mimic and realize I’m hiding the backpack behind my
leg. I give my bright red tank top a tug down to cover the tube
that extends from the backpack and pokes into me under my left
ribcage. A hole that kinda looks like a second belly button. Yup,
I’m hiding the very thing that’s keeping me alive.
“Ms. Strong couldn’t make it,” he says as if reading my
mood and realizing he needs to justify his being here. “She
asked me to sub.”
“For how many extra credit points?” I wait for him to tell me
he did it just out of kindness. And, if true, it would mean

he did it out of pity. I’m not sure I’d enjoy looking at him
anymore. I’d rather be someone’s means to a better grade.
Brandy told me that everyone in school knows about my dead
“Fifteen. I got lazy and didn’t turn in some homework.
You’ll pump me up to a B.”
“You should have held out for twenty.”
He smiles again. “I don’t think it was negotiable.”
Moving in, I try to guess which twin he is. I try to figure out
how to ask, but everything I think of sounds lame. Let him be
I had a thing for Matt since seventh grade. It might have
been wishful thinking, but in tenth grade, I thought he liked me
too. Not that it ever went anywhere. He was football, I was book
club. He was popular, I was . . . not. Then I started dating Trent. A
guy in book club. A guy I let off the hook as soon as I found out
my heart was dying.
“Your books?” he asks.
I don’t understand the question until I see he’s pointing to
my backpack.
Crap! I freak a little. I have several pat answers in my head
that I came up with when Mom, afraid I was turning into an
agoraphobe, insisted I get out of the house. But I can’t remember them.

The silence reeks of awkwardness.
So I go with the truth. “No. It’s my . . . heart.” “Shit.”
He spills my favorite word.
I laugh.
His eyes meet mine and he smiles again. Yup, it’s kinda
crooked. My mind’s not working. And I’m melting.
“Oh, you’re joking,” he says. “Right?”
I nod yes then shake my head no as if I don’t know the
His smile fades like a light on a dimmer switch. “Seriously?”
“Seriously.” I move to the desk in the corner. One-handed,


“THIS HEART OF MINE is a moving young-adult novel about life, death, and grief.”
— Popsugar, “The 22 Best New Books of Winter Will Have You Hibernating Over the Holidays”
“Hunter’s portrayals of the characters and their emotions, and of Leah’s life that walks so close to death, are genuine
and full of the hard truths of living with chronic illness…Writing from personal experience, Hunter delivers a read that’s

both absorbing and honest.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Teens will love the emotional twists and turns…the mystery of the dead communicating with the living through dreams
and memories will grip readers and leave them guessing until the very end. With so many unanswered questions and
tons of suspense, teens will be on the edge of their seats, eager to know the mystery held within Leah’s heart.”

— School Library Journal
“I was addicted from page one!”
— New York Times bestselling author PC Cast

“Heartbreaking and heroic. Hunter’s characters will leave you breathless and flipping the pages for more.”

— New York Times bestselling author Kristin Cast

This Heart of Mine

About the Author

C.C. HUNTER is a pseudonym for award-winning romance author Christie Craig. She is lives in Tomball, Texas, where
she’s at work on her next novel.

After ten books and millions of readers, C.C. Hunter’s New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls series came to an end last
year. Now with a popular paranormal young adult series behind her, Hunter decided to turn her prolific pen to a new
project, a personal YA contemporary. THIS HEART OF MINE (Wednesday Books; February 27, 2018) tells the story of a
teen girl who receives a lifesaving transplant and discovers there is more to the heart keeping her alive. With Hunter’s
experience as her husband waited on the transplant list, her change in genre is full of real emotion and love that can
only come from the author’s heart.
Switching genres from paranormal to contemporary came from an extremely personal place for Hunter, as her
husband’s life was saved by the transplant list much like Leah’s. She says, “His journey, his pain, my pain, his fear, my
fear, and our enormous appreciation to the donor and his family for the gift of life, poured out of my soul and into my
keyboard.” The effect is palpable making THIS HEART OF MINE a haunting, poignant tale about living and dying,
surviving grief, guilt, and heartache while discovering love and hope.

Tour Events

Monday, February 26, 7:00 PM
LAUNCH PARTY at Blue Willow Bookshop
14532 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77079

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(Blog Tour + Giveaway) Reign the Earth by A.C. Gaughen

Reign the Earth ended up being an incredibly moving and heartfelt story!

Today, I have the pleasure of being apart of Reign the Earth Blog Tour. Which is brought to you by the amazing Bloomsbury team, thank you so much for this great opportunity! Bloomsbury has set up this marvelous tour with a special twist and which we had to pick a strong woman in helping us Reign the Earth with! This was certainly a fun post to do, which took me down a happy memory lane.

Which strong women would I choose to help me Reign the Earth with, you ask?

Well, I’ll start by saying that this could be a very long, long list for me. I admire a lot of great women that have inspired me and continue to do so, until this day. Be it a family member, a friend, TV personality or fictional characters, these women are all very special to me one way or another. I will, however, spare you this long, long list for now.

I will, however, continue with today’s theme and talk about strong fictional women. This character has helped me view the world a little bit brighter, stronger and capable. Out of so many remarkable characters, I decided to narrow down to Buffy Summers! Which is an influential fictional character all in her own right and has played a vast role in my life.

Just noticed there was nothing Buffy on my boards..."And the world said 'No Longer!' '"

This amazing art piece is done by none other than, Jon Foster. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comic book!

Buffy Summers first came into my life when I was a shy, scared, awkward teen, with no friends and lived in my room. Until one day, when everything changed and I saw my first “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” episode. And in doing so, I had fallen in love with Buffy SummersBuffy Summers had thought me many things in the years to come. Not only was she lovely and hilarious she was an ass-kicking demon Slayer. Buffy wasn’t like any other characters I had ever witnessed. It was the first time I had ever seen a girl be portrayed in such complexity on a TV show. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a show where the pretty girl could kick-major-demon-ass and still be courageous, strong-minded and intelligent without the help of “some guy“! These are only a few reasons on why I would have Buffy Summers at my side and these few reasons are enough for me and her to Reign the Earth together! Because Buffy Summers has thought me to be adventurous, determined, and always fearless in a world full of demons.

Image result for buffy fanart

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD Collection 

This story is vigorous, important with a magnificent magical world that Ms. A. C. Gaughen has created.

Reign the Earth is a story about a girl name Shalia and her personal growth throughout this spectacular story. This story is SO important on so many levels, It’s a dark but yet, a very influential and powerful story. We get to follow Shalia’s life on how she faces various of challenging issues, which are important topics, topics that need to be discussed more often in the YA community. If you love a slow pace, an emotionally invested story with a strong and determined female character than Reign the Earth should be your next read. 

Don’t forget to follow this incredible tour for more amazing posts about strong women who we would Reigh the Earth with. You’ll also have a chance to win one signed copy of the book (open to US/Canada only). I hope you enjoyed this fun post today, thank you for visiting me as always. I hope you have a wonderful and cherished day!


 one signed copy of the book (open to US/Canada only)

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(Blog Tour) Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Welcome to the Reign of the Fallen Blog Tour👑

We would really like to thank Penguin Teen for giving us the amazing opportunity of being part of the Reign of the Fallen Blog Tour, it really means a lot to us, it’s a honor and we literally jumped out of emotion when we got the news❤️🙌

I really don’t know how to start this review, believe me when I say that if I could write this review with emojis I definitely would!
There would be lots of ♥️ 🔥 💀 ⚔️  🗡  and swoons!!! And before you ask yourself
“Did she liked it?” Well, I totally did, in fact I LOVED this book!

I’m a huge fan of Sarah’s writing style, I loved Fear The Drowning Deep so much and after I finished reading Reign of the Fallen I found myself saying “Well, she did it again!!!!” Because this book was amazing & fantastical🙌 I was hooked from the VERY FIRST PAGE.

One of the many things I like about Sarah’s writing style is that she starts her books in a way that makes me want to keep reading more. The book started with a shockingly-amazing 😉 sentence that makes you wonder what could possibly happen next? And guess what? That feeling never goes away, if you read this book you will feel like that during the whole story ❤️

Now, what can I say about this book? If I could only use three words to describe it I would pick:


One of the things that makes this book so special, is how dark it can but I also loved how funny and sad it was at certain times. Sarah made me laugh MANY times at  the things the characters said, specially Jax ❤️ *inserts all the hearts* , but she also made me cry as well😢 😭 and that is really one of the things I love about books, when they bring these kind of emotions out of you ♥️

I loved all the characters of this book, Odessa, Evander, Meredy, Jax ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ , Valoria, Simeon, they are so amazing, super brave, and the fact that some of them are necromancers and can bring royals who have died  back to life makes this book even more amazing.

Odessa is a very brave and care free character. She fights for the ones she loves the most even when it means she has to risk her life in order to do it. She is an orphan and being a necromancer – the sparrow – is what makes her feel like she belongs somewhere, and while my heart broke for her sometimes, I’m glad she found strength in herself to keep going ♥️

This book has lots of epic twists that will make you want to keep reading till the very last page. It has amazing world-building, brave characters, action and romance ❤️ I highly recommend you to read it, it’s a masterpiece that I’m sure will captivate your heart as soon as you start to read it.


We had the amazing opportunity of hosting a #MTMC18 chat (Meet the Main Characters of 2018) for Sarah and we wanted to share with you guys some of the quotes that we posted during the chat. We love these so much and we really hope you guys like them as well❤️❤️❤️

Tour Schedule

January 8 – A New Look on Books – Interview
January 9 – YA Books Central – A List of “Top 5″ of her choice (Potential Topic Ideas: movies she loves, things a reader would need, what a reader would need to survive in her book’s world)
January 10 – The Fandom – “Meet the Characters” Breakdown with pictures
January 11 – Twinning for Books – Q&A
January 12 – Becca’s Book Realm – Q&A
January 15Reader Rewind – Mini Review and Q&A on Instagram Page
January 16The Quirky Book Nerd – Review
January 17Once Upon a Twilight – Review + Q&A
January 18BookCrushin – Review
January 19BigScreenBooks – Review and included in your “Most Anticipated January Release” video.
January 22The Novel Knight – Review
January 23Across the Word – Q&A
January 24The Lovely Books – Review
January 25Adventures in YA Publishing – Interview (already done)
January 26The Royal Polar Bear Reads – Author Interview Spot
January 29Tales of the Ravenous Reader – Review
January 30Good Choice Reading – Excerpt (and Review)
January 31 – Queership – Author Guest Post: The Reimagining of zombies and necromancy and what reading something that reinvisioned death in this way would have meant to her as a teen?
February 1Megan Write Now – Interview
February 2 –   Book Nerd Addicts – Review and Banners with quotes
February 3Nocturnal Reads – Short Q&A

Author Bio

 Sarah Glenn Marsh has been an avid fantasy reader from the day her dad handed her a copy of The Hobbit and promised it would change her life; she’s been making up words and worlds ever since. When she’s not writing, Sarah enjoys painting, ghost hunting, traveling, and all things nerdy.

She lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband and their menagerie: four rescued greyhounds, a bird, and many fish. She is the author of Fear the Drowning Deepand Reign of the Fallen.


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[Blog Tour] Author Interview for Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao

 Hi, lovelies!!! Hope you’re all having a lovely day. Today we have the pleasure of being a part of Miss. Julie C. Dao blog tour!! WOOT WOOT! We’re super excited about our stop today. We had the pleasure of interviewing Miss. Julie C. Dao and let’s just say that we got some delicious details about this Amazing author.
We hope you enjoy this outstanding interview and enjoy the amazing giveaway that Penguin has so kindly provide for your lovelies.

Welcome, Miss. Julie C. Thank you so much for giving us the time for this amazing interview, today. It’s  an honor and pleasure to have you visit The Life of a Booknerd Addict blog. We’re huge fans of your amazing debut and also of you. We would love to get to know you a little bit and were wondering if you could tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you became a writer. 

Thank you for having me, It’s a pleasure to be here. I’ve always loved writing! I wrote and illustrated my first “novel” at age 9. It was called The Hidden Kingdom and it was about my two best friends and me going through a portal in my living room TV to a magical, unicorn-filled world. I kept writing all through school but stopped in my late teens because my parents didn’t think it was a good career. I couldn’t stay away, though! I started writing again in my early 20s and never looked back.

We’re extremely happy that you couldn’t stay away and gifted us with this amazing story, that we so desperately loved. What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

One of my dearest author friends is Stephanie Garber, the author of CARAVAL. I go to her with everything: good news, bad news, and whenever I need a little boost because she is delightfully positive and a ray of sunshine! She reminds me to appreciate everything and overcome obstacles. Many of my close writer buddies are not published yet (it’s only a matter of time, so get ready, world!) but they keep me happy, humble, and grateful. They were there for me way, way back, and they’ve seen me at my best and my worst. I’m so thankful for the lovely writer community!

That’s fabulous that you have such exceptional support behind you. How did you come up with the idea of FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS?

The idea for FOTL came when I was 13. I was playing a game of Solitaire that had beautiful art on each of the cards: these grim, gorgeous young queens who looked like they wanted to kill each other! I found myself imagining their stories and conflicts, and put this together with my love of fairy tales and folklore. The tale of Snow White popped into my head: a stepmother and stepdaughter battling each other for control of the throne. I didn’t feel ready to write it for many, many years, but in 2015, I decided to finally sit down and explore the concept with an all-Asian cast of characters. And the rest was history!

Our best ideas usually come from childhood. How was your writing process for FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS?

I do a lot of plotting for every story I write. Before I start, I have a whole outline that lays out my entire novel chapter by chapter and I make character sheets with people’s backstories. And then, because I’m so prepared, I can usually put down the first draft in about a month. Revising takes a long time, but it’s not as messy as it might have been if I hadn’t thought out the details beforehand!

That’s actually great advice for debut authors out there. What other advice would you give to us aspiring authors for when we hopefully become debut authors? 

The key is to never forget how much you love writing, no matter how many no’s you hear. Because you will hear many, MANY no’s when you’re trying to get an agent or find a home for your manuscript! It’s just part of the business. But do not lose that magic that pushed you to write in the first place. Sometimes you need to turn off social media and spend time with a story you love, a character you adore, and a world you don’t want to leave. And then pick yourself back up and try, try again!

Very notable advice to take, thank you. What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

The main kingdom of FOTL is inspired by Imperial China, so I spent many weeks researching everything I could about that era: everything from food and clothing to how the Emperor’s army worked and what roles servants played in the palace. My book is a fantasy, not historical fiction, but I wanted to ground the story somehow.

I also read quite a few Asian folktales and fables. It was so interesting to see how many different variants of each tale existed in China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other countries around East and Southeast Asia. It was a wonderful reminder that although each culture is distinct and unique, they aren’t isolated, so storytelling frequently passed through borders and was shared across different lands.

You heard it here young authors. Research, read, research and read, it’s never enough! What are the most important books or/ and magazines for writers to read?

I actually don’t read a lot of craft books, but I really mean to as soon as I have some downtime! I read BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert this year and really enjoyed how inspirational and encouraging it was to creative folks. I read many blogs and listen to podcasts. The Pub(lishing) Crawl blog and podcast have helped me for YEARS (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a contributor now!) and I absolutely love Yin Chang’s 88 Cups of Tea podcast for writers.

We’ll definitely have to check that podcast 😉 What’s your favorite place to write?

I write in my office, at my big mahogany desk! But I’ve also been known to curl up on my bed or couch. I wrote the entire first draft of FOTL on my comfy brown sofa under a cozy blanket, in the early days of November.

That does sound super cozy. What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

I absolutely loved “Juniper” and “Wise Child” by Monica Furlong when I was growing up. I don’t hear people talking about those middle-grade fantasies as much as they do, say, Tamora Pierce or Lloyd Alexander, and I think it’s a shame! They are wonderful books about a girl who goes to train with a wise and wonderful healer.

If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do?

My parents really wanted me to be a doctor and pushed and pushed me in high school. If I could go back, I would fight them harder so I could start improving my craft at an earlier age. I think of all those years I won’t ever get back that I could have spent practicing and studying the art of writing. But I’m grateful I ended up where I am anyway!

It was definitely meant to be. What kind of music did you listen to while writing FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS?

I listened to the cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s performing group, the Silk Road Ensemble, which brings together musicians and instruments from all over the world. I also listened to Tan Dun’s score for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” a few songs by Two Steps From Hell like “Casablanca” or “Rise Above,” and lots of Hans Zimmer. He’s a composer who strikes a gorgeous balance between lyrical, lovely music and gritty, action-packed pieces.

We also prefer composers. It seems to set the perfect mood for when reading as well. What came first the plot, the characters or the setting? Was it difficult to integrate all these three? 

The plot came first! But as soon as the story popped into my head, the characters did too. And I’ve always known I wanted to write a story with strong Asian women at the forefront, so it was not hard at all to put all the pieces together!

With which character from the book do you most relate to? 

I like Shiro, the ambassador from Kamatsu, quite a lot! He’s bookish and kind, and definitely someone I would be friends with.

We’re extremely passionate about everything that you, Miss. Julie C. Dao, so we ask you what are you currently working on now? 

Book 2 of the Rise of the Empress duology!

What can we expect from the sequel of FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS?

You will see a LOT more inspiration from Asian fables and folktales, and a new leading lady who is the exact opposite of Xifeng. There will be desert chases and discoveries, a quest and friendship-to-love and (of course!) the fulfillment of several characters’ ultimate destinies.

Thank you so much for this amazing interview Miss. Julie C. Dao! We can’t wait for the upcoming Rise of the Empress sequel!!!



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Enter for a chance to be one (1) of three (3) winners to receive a hardcover copy of Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie Dao. (ARV: $18.99 each).

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Enter between 12:00 AM Eastern Time on October 2, 2017, and 12:00 AM on October 27, 2017. Open to residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are 13 and older. Winners will be selected at random on or about October 30, 2017. Odds of winning depend on a number of eligible entries received. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

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[Blog Tour] Review+Giveaway: The Adventurers Guild by Zack Loran Clark, Nick Eliopulos

Find it here: Amazon, B&N, iBooks, TBD

[divider] Let me tell you!!!! The Adventurers Guild is super miraculous!!!! I loved it so much, it has been a long time since I picked up an MG and I’m glad I picked this one. I completely felt like I was back in middle school, staying up past my bedtime and reading under the covers with my barbie flashlight.( well I didn’t use my barbie flashlight this time haha) Ah man! This was a great book for sure. There are tons of adventures and loads of magic! I for one was rooted to my chair while I read The Adventurers Guild. I already have a date with my godson to read this amazing story. He loves everything this book is made of. There are amazing friendships from different backgrounds with different wants and needs who find their inner strengths. The world built is something to dream about. I was transported to an amazing world that I was sad to leave in the end. But I definitely can’t wait to see how these characters grow and develop in additional books. In the additional, I hope Nick and Zack keep the laugh out loud funny, creepy, frightening and exhilarating read just like The Adventurers Guild was! If you love MG or are looking for books for your kids. This series is definitely a great start, you and your kids will enjoy the important life lessons given, mixed with amazing spell casting magic.😉  

About the authors:

ZACK LORAN CLARK and NICK ELIOPULOS grew up in Florida and now live in New York. Best friends, they get together to play Dungeons & Dragons every week. Zack fervently hopes that magic is real; Nick desperately hopes that monsters are not. The Adventurers Guild is their first novel.

Website | Zack Twitter |The |Facebook




3 winners will receive a finished copy of THE ADVENTURER’S GUILD, US Only. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tour Schedule:

Week One: 9/25/2017- YA Book Madness– Spotlight 9/26/2017- Don’t Judge, Read– Excerpt 9/27/2017- Here’s to Happy Endings– Review 9/28/2017- Word Spelunking– Review 9/29/2017- The Desert Bibliophile– Review Week Two: 10/2/2017- The Life of a Booknerd Addict– Review 10/3/2017- BookHounds YA– Guest Post 10/4/2017- Bibliobakes– Review 10/5/2017- Mundie Kids– Excerpt 10/6/2017- Book Briefs– Review